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Beating A Dead Horse

An appropriate analogy, don’t you think, since we are addressing the subject of zombies?

Never mind that ratings for THE WALKING DEAD are at the lowest they’ve ever been in the show’s history. And never mind that actors are jumping off the ship right and left. AMC isn’t giving up on THE WALKING DEAD. Not by a long shot. There is FEAR THE WALKING DEAD already, and they’ve announced all those movies they’re planning. Now comes word that there is going to be yet another spinoff series. Geesh. The network is going to milk that poor old cash cow until its mammary glands are desert dust dry, the udders dangling like desiccated fruit left to dry-rot on the vine. I’ll give ‘em props for stubbornness, if nothing else.

I worry about the damage they are doing to the zombie subgenre, though. They’ll keep on until the faceless public en masse is so sick of zombies that a new zombie project won’t have a prayer of getting funding. Those early days of television back in the 50s and 60s were so sodden with Westerns that today people are still turned off by the genre. Western movies, even really good ones, don’t make much bank at the box office. And getting a Western on mainstream television? Forget about it. Will the zombie go the way of the cowboy, because Hollywood doesn’t know how to quit before over-surfeiting their audience?

TheCheezman • March 10, 2019

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