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Beauty from Ashes

I’ve been chronicling the tragic loss of Wolf’s Museum of Mystery over the past few weeks, both the loss of the structure and the loss of all its inventory. Particularly disheartening considering that owners Wolf and Ali Mertz had just finished relocating the Museum from Florida to New York—they literally had not even unpacked yet—when a fire broke out and destroyed their home and countless unique and irreplaceable pieces, killing their numerous pets in the process. Recently, though, there have been tiny glimmerings of hope, as they have discovered that the Museum was not a complete and total loss.

Digging through the rubble left by the fire, they discovered a cache of ancient artifacts from their collection still intact. And on Easter Sunday, they unearthed an 18th Century silver Cross. One can’t help but appreciate the symbolism, there.

The Museum of Mystery is still in need. Consider making a donation to the recovery efforts, even if it’s just a measly dollar. Every cent goes to the rebuilding of the Museum.

TheCheezman • April 28, 2019

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