Because Who Wants to Drink Blood First Thing in the Morning?

Just like any other thing that’s a huge trend of the moment, there’s so much vampire paraphernalia on the market that it takes a lot of wading through crap to get to anything good. And honestly, most of it I don’t even pay attention to. But I’m both a vampire-lover and a coffee-lover so when I saw these vampire coffee beans, I had to take another look.

This set comes with four different kinds of Vampire Gourmet Coffee. Included are: a Brazilian coffee that promises to be smooth and sweet; the Vampire Nocturnal French Roast, which just sounds mouth-watering and as though it’s made for long nights; a Vampire Rain Forest blend, which is decaf; and a Volcan Espresso that is a mix of six different beans, all roasted to resemble only the best blends of Italy.

It’s one of those things that makes so much sense that you wonder why no one has put it together before. Vampires and coffee. Hey, people stray off blood all the time, why not throw some java into the mix? And they all have such fun vampire names. The Vampire Nocturnal French Roast might just be my favorite. I’m also glad that T.I. Beverage Group, the company that makes the alternative vampire brew, veered from the traditional black and red color scheme. I found them on Wicked Wines Online.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, they’d make a great gift for any lover of the fang-toothed. I think I’m going to buy the set for myself and give one of the packs to my friend who introduced me to Twilight over a cup of coffee one day. Too cute. Yep, out of all the things vampire-related that are for sale on the Internet, this is definitely one of the better ones.

– Kate


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