Become a Vampire with Sims 2!

I just learned how to become a werewolf in Sims 2 and I was just as excited when I then found out that you could also become a vampire in Sims 2! Being a vampire in Sims 2 does get a little bit trickier. It seems as though Sims vampires don’t like the human kind all that much and aren’t so interested in befriending them. Unfortunately for those that want vampire friends in Sims 2, getting one to befriend you is essential to becoming a vampire yourself in Sims 2.

After buying the Sims 2 game, you will then need to also buy the Night Life expansion pack. Once you installed it and have all the techie stuff set up, you will then need to start wandering the Sims lots at night. Every person you encounter during the nighttime in the expansion pack is a vampire. But you will easily be able to recognize them by their pale white skin and by the way they carry their own arm to hide their faces. The vampires will appear very quickly and you’ll need to approach them and try to become their friend very quickly – they tend to disappear as quickly as they show up! The Sims vampires will most likely rebuke your first efforts at friendship. But try anyway, the vampire will be stored in your memory bank and you’ll have a better chance at it next time you meet them. But, there’s even more to becoming a vampire in Sims 2.

You will then need to call the vampire on the phone and invite them over to your house. Again, the Sims vampire will probably refuse your offer at first but keep trying – it will advance you in the game and up your chances of becoming a Sims vampire yourself. When you invite the vampire to your house, make sure it is during the nighttime. Otherwise, the vampire will flee from the sunlight and your efforts will be wasted.

Once the vampire has accepted an invitation to your house and has made their way over, be friendly with them. Crack jokes, talk to them, and generally try to make them feel comfortable. Once the vampire is perfectly content being there, they will most likely bite you on the neck, turning you into another Sims vampire! However, once you become a Sims vampire, you must take caution. You must not go out of the house during the daytime hours, or else you will die. And don’t forget to buy a coffin too – you’ll need a place to sleep now that you’re a vampire!


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