Becoming a Vampire

There are three main ways to become a vampire; by birth, by bite, and by death. The second is explanation enough in and of itself. A vampire bites and feeds from a male or female, and whether it is the result of recurring feeding or one incident of feeding that led to death, he or she then becomes on of the undead. According to folklore from different cultures across the globe, there are numerous signs that a child is born a vampire, or that a corpse has become one after death. There are signs that one might give that they have been bitten and are turning into a vampire, such as shying away from religious talk, or items, lessening hygiene and foul breath, have newly begun to sleepwalk, as well as anemic tendencies.

Some of the causes for vampirism in a child are being born on certain holy days, new moons, or seasonal equinox, or being conceived on those days, born with a red caul on their head, too much hair, an extra nipple, two hearts. The habits of the child may also indicate vampirism, such as if it was weaned too soon, or if the baby continues nursing even after it has been weaned. Dying before baptism as a baby is another possible way to turn into a vampire infant. There’s also being born the seventh son of a seventh son; but this can also be taken as a good omen as well. Some reasons fall on the mother; if she stared at a vampire, or did not eat enough salt while she was pregnant, her child might be born a vampire. Other reasons are curses, either after the baby has been born, or while still in the womb.

One can also become a vampire if certain customs are not observed after death. In some areas of Romania it is believed that burying a corpse face up will result in vampirism, while others remain steadfast that the only way is to die as a vampire’s victim. Improper burial ceremonies, no burial, as well as shadows falling across a corpse, the wind from the Russian Steppe blowing over a corpse, even having a cat, dog, or other animal jump over the corpse has been believed to be a certain cause of vampirism. Some believe it is the way the person dies that makes the vengeful spirit of the vampire linger, such as those were died violently, with murders that went unavenged, or even death by drowning. In other cultures, the actions of others dictate the vampire change in a corpse; some believe that stealing the ropes used to bury a corpse will cause the dead to rise, while others believe that if the corpse has a sleepwalking brother, it will come back as a vampire.

By Veritas

Veritas is a faerie child, switched at birth and left with wonderful parents in a small shack deep in the hills of West Virginia. He believes in magick and hopes to inspire readers lured into the enchanted path. Occasionally, he'll post contributions from other authors so drop us an email if you're interested.


  1. so wat would happen if u went into the sunliight and do u really live forever and can u please tell me please

  2. ok u guys always miss spell things and its kinda getting really annoying but i love vampires ever since i was a little girl i want to become one but im to young but i do want to become one when i am older.

          1. I also want to be, because I want to die but not to burden others with his death because I pity him want to stay alive and I’m between two choices of death and torture or other life and my torment
            sorry for mistakes in badly know English language

      1. audrey, when u say please contact me then are u sayn ur a vampire cause like the comment before you was someone sayn they wanted to be one ?

  3. I don’t think you people realize how much of a burden this really is.
    you all say that you want to be a vampire but have you really sat down and put thought into this. Think about how much pain and grief it would cause you. Why are you so willing to watch your loved ones your mother’s and fathers, grandparents everyone who loved you everyone who cared about you will age and die when (over time) you will be left with no one no friends no family nothing. you will never age but they will they will have birthdays celebrations as well as you but for how long. how long will you be able to see them and before they moved on and you will be left alone to walk the earth as a sole less being. Think about that before your so quick willed to jump up and sacrifice the greatest gift anyone could give to you. LIFE.

    1. i agree with you morgan. have i not thought about it over and over?no i have. being a vampire isn’t something that anyone should want. ever. but they do. they don’t know that it isn’t simple, you kill people because you exist. can you look into the eyes of your victims and watch them die? their faces will haunt you till time ceases to matter. but its selfishness, power, and youth that holds people to want to be a monster. when you become a vampire, life holds no beauty for you. death and pain become your new life. you can never walk among people again. time with not age your perfect young face. your soul dies when your family dies. becoming a vampire is a tragedy that god doesn’t forgive. not one vampire has been truly happy with their life after evil bites them. vampires are lost souls of the dead. its unfortunate that so many say they would through their lives away for this curse.

        1. butts i also knowz dat vampires in real life don’t burn in da sun, dey just complain aboutz da brightness

    1. Hi my name is Jacob rooks I no every consequence to being a vampire. I like the tast of blood but its not good for me so if I’m a vampire it wood be good and I lookt online about vampires so I wood no the consequences and I do so I would like to be a vampire my blood type is o negative and I’m 13 years old. And I will kill for blood.

      1. Don’t eat food for 3 days, than see you crave for food or blood… If food you are human if blood you are demon simple.

  4. ok have any of you considerd what youll do the rest of your life if you even become vampires because is not very pleasnt. first of allhave you thought of what they look like and dont go on all about that twilite shiz cause that movie is pretty much made up o lies. and second of all have you thought of all their weak point because hey have more than five. and i mean really. if your undead you shouldnt have to drink blood. you just do it for sport. wasting mostly good possibly young lives just for fun. i just want you ALL to think about all of this for a long hard time. cause i will kill you if we meet in battle. so choose. bad pale skin tons of ways to really die and dring and wastein lives OR liveing a normal life.

  5. I want to be a vampire, i love blood anyways but yet i would love to know more about vampires before i do much on the subject

    1. I’ve wanted to be a vampire for a long time I look at blood and feel tempted to have and that makes me feel weird,I’ve always loved vampires and hopefully id like to become one

  6. I want to become a Vampire because I really have nothing to lose. My family gave me up and hates me (and don’t take that lightly!) They’ve beaten me, thrown me into different homes, and eventually given me up for adoption once they were done using me. When I watch them die I’ll know the world is rid of one more evil.

    I could care less about seeing the sun or having friends. I am completely alone in life now as it is, this would just make my life a little more… interesting, or full. I’ve seen this in dreams, biting through tissue, sinews, and muscle to drink the life essence of blood. I’ve tasted it in my dreams and seen myself in the dark crevices of the world. I want to live forever because God has abandoned me as well and I’m doomed to Hell either way. Becoming a vampire would just delay the inevitable torture of Hell for me. So come bite me and make me a vampire, I’d gladly give my soul in return for such a state.

  7. I have a question,how many times does a vampire have to drink blood once a week or daily plz tell me.ive been wanting to be a vampire foe a while now and mayb wen im older I might be

  8. I’ve thought about it, every single minute of every day. I dream of it. I crave it more than anything. It’s what I want…I know this for a fact. I realize what is ahead, and I’m ready. If I could really be a vampire, I would with no second thought. I’ve thought about it long enough, and I’m sure. I pray one finds me and shares it’s gift with me. Because I’m tired of this ordinary life, if it doesn’t change soon, I don’t know how long I will survive

    1. Hahaha you said ( I pray one find me and shares its…) First of all vampires don’t believe in God…It means that you are not even capable to become a vampire….you are asking God to do that for you what a shame… You should be grateful to God that he gave you this precious life. Go become a soldier if you really want to do something in your ordinary life.

  9. i have wanted to be vampire all my life, i dream about, i ewen draw pictures of vampires also cinda wanna get wey from my family for a while im a pretty much loner so it doesnt really metter if im around ppl and sometimes i get in a fight with ppl that i dont like so its nice getting way from that for while and sometimes i feel like my brine isnt workin or i lost it somewhere,when i try thinking u usually talk outlout so… yea it would be grate getting way from that for a while :)

  10. Audrey I do want to become a vampire, not for their power or capability, but so i can protect the people I love! Protect them from harms way. Not only friends but family too! So yes I have put thought in it a lot!

  11. Hi my name is Brianna i really want to become vampire i will tall you why i really really want to be a vampire cause umm ok i will tall you story ok it starts when i was 3 years old in 2004 i was a little girl i was going to bed to get some sleep my frist dream was me being a vampire and then 1 year later when we was moving i was happy i was nice then these people came to ours and these people put me with these other people and then i never seen my mum and dad until i turned 5 but im 13 happly living with my dad and when i was 3 i was dreaming about vampires and now i stall do so please let me be one of yous i love vampires then any thing please please if you dont i will not believe my draems again, you guys are lucky you know why cause i believe in yous a lot.

  12. Another observation for vampire wannabes- why not watch films like “Dracula’s Daughter” or TV series like “Forever Knight”- both of whose lead characters have found out that “undeath” is NOT what’s it cracked up to be!

  13. hey, I’ve wanted to become a vampire ever since I was 10. it’s been a hot second since u was that old. i would do anything to become a vampire. I’ve tried to commite suicide 3 different times and I don’t know how much longer I can go on in my home. and being a vampire would give me the motivation to leave
    and if it matters, I have rare blood, A negative. not may people have thaf blood type im told

  14. Ngl I would love to be a vampire for the sole purpose that I love blood and I hate the sun. I think vampires are hella cool too, and I’m pretty sure there could possibly be ways around not being in the sun

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