Becoming a Vampire

There are three main ways to become a vampire; by birth, by bite, and by death. The second is explanation enough in and of itself. A vampire bites and feeds from a male or female, and whether it is the result of recurring feeding or one incident of feeding that led to death, he or she then becomes on of the undead. According to folklore from different cultures across the globe, there are numerous signs that a child is born a vampire, or that a corpse has become one after death. There are signs that one might give that they have been bitten and are turning into a vampire, such as shying away from religious talk, or items, lessening hygiene and foul breath, have newly begun to sleepwalk, as well as anemic tendencies.

Some of the causes for vampirism in a child are being born on certain holy days, new moons, or seasonal equinox, or being conceived on those days, born with a red caul on their head, too much hair, an extra nipple, two hearts. The habits of the child may also indicate vampirism, such as if it was weaned too soon, or if the baby continues nursing even after it has been weaned. Dying before baptism as a baby is another possible way to turn into a vampire infant. There’s also being born the seventh son of a seventh son; but this can also be taken as a good omen as well. Some reasons fall on the mother; if she stared at a vampire, or did not eat enough salt while she was pregnant, her child might be born a vampire. Other reasons are curses, either after the baby has been born, or while still in the womb.

One can also become a vampire if certain customs are not observed after death. In some areas of Romania it is believed that burying a corpse face up will result in vampirism, while others remain steadfast that the only way is to die as a vampire’s victim. Improper burial ceremonies, no burial, as well as shadows falling across a corpse, the wind from the Russian Steppe blowing over a corpse, even having a cat, dog, or other animal jump over the corpse has been believed to be a certain cause of vampirism. Some believe it is the way the person dies that makes the vengeful spirit of the vampire linger, such as those were died violently, with murders that went unavenged, or even death by drowning. In other cultures, the actions of others dictate the vampire change in a corpse; some believe that stealing the ropes used to bury a corpse will cause the dead to rise, while others believe that if the corpse has a sleepwalking brother, it will come back as a vampire.

By Veritas

Veritas is a faerie child, switched at birth and left with wonderful parents in a small shack deep in the hills of West Virginia. He believes in magick and hopes to inspire readers lured into the enchanted path. Occasionally, he'll post contributions from other authors so drop us an email if you're interested.


  1. I also prefer the old one. Where are all of our previous comments?

    Any vampires from New Zealand out there?

  2. hey FULLMOON , well i dont know why they changed it but i guess chsnge is good dont you think?

  3. well tell me somthing i dont know >.>
    the question is how do i find a vampire willing to turn me and not slaughter me D:
    or not to shrug me away as another vampire wanabe T.T lol :)
    oh wellz i guess if i do i do and if i dont well…then im doomed to the life of a mortal human :P XD hahaz :D
    sides werewolves are furry :) they like
    over grown dogs :D
    XD that would be fun :)

      1. well, i live in salem new hampshure and i kinda almost got killed by a pack of them! I’m dead serious! um ya i know to of them from online but not there real names. but i’ll tell you . one name is fallon death grove. the other is fallon death something. 2 things incomen they both know one another from there pack of ten and they both have “DEATH” in there name. well when you get a chance email me back.

      2. That is kind of like me, I was born to become a vampire. I want to know more about u.
        You sound like your an interesting guy. write back!! LOL

  4. do you all really belive in vampires? b/c i know for a fact that they are real, tell me if you want more info.

    1. I really want more info on vampires! They seem so mysterious and amazing. BTW, are you one? I’ve been looking for one to talk to.

    2. helo my freind arnt we all just food or as i say to evry god damb twat on this planit that we, you, i are just bags of blood.
      (has any one got spare blood im hungry)

      write soon to see what i mean

      from Mr sinister


  6. Hey truebeliever626. I guess you are right, change is good.

    I just wish that we could meet some vamps. Where are you from?

  7. hi my name is lezet and i am from texas.. i do remember you from when before this site was changed i think…

  8. Pain – I am interested in knowing more about vampires being real. How do I get in touch with you?

  9. LOL If there would be vampires, We had know of it! Vampires are not true! And if there is any a Vampire I believe it still one vampire is standing in front of me!

  10. I don’t believe in vampires. I want to, but I still believe in facts. If there live vampires, I would believe it if one is standing right in front it and I can see it with my own eyes, if not i dont believe.

  11. pain – how do you know vampires are real? b/c I’ve always had that belief in the back of my mind, but I haven’t had any real proof. How can I get in touch with you? I’d like to know what you do.

  12. Hello fellow vampire believers. I just have to say that if you believe in the bible, then you should believe in vampires. Vampires existed since Adam and Eve.
    I bet you didn’t know this: Adam’s first wife is name Lilith and she became the mother of demons and Satan’s wife. She also is a vampire, so the bible says, which is where most myths of vampires come from. Plus, Judas was thought to have turned into a vampire when he comitted suicide, but it’a a pretty vague explanation and theory for his vamprism. If you want to know more, you can google about it on the net.


  13. hey, um i no this i stupid, but would a vampire be attracted to the blood of… ur period? just wondering coz it b kinda sik if it was so.

  14. um vampiress 6/6/6

    none of that is facts.. lilith is the name they gave the could be mistranslated part in the bible when it says “god made man and women” then it goes and later says that god made eve out of adam’s rib. it can be translated 2 different ways. first with lilith where god made man and women then went back and made a second. 2nd that the bible backtracks and retells the story in detail.

    it also doesn’t say anything in the bible about anyone being a vampire.

    and on top of all that no the myths of vampires did not start for from the bible. if you did research on it then you would know that the research as shown that the myths started for decaying bodies. where people would dig up graves to find that the bodies where pale and swollen, with reddish liquid running from the nose and mouth. the liquid was though to be the blood from their last victim and they where swollen b/c they where full of blood. but the truth of that was that most bodies swell up when a person dies.. and the reddish liquid was the acids in the stomach decomposing and where pushed up and out of the body through the nose and mouth. and the some of this research says this started around the time of the black pleag where alot of people where dieing and they often had to dig up graves to put more people in them b/c they where running out of room to put bodies.

    also you need to look into they myths of vampires around the itme of adam and eve as many of those myths are quite different from the one you told…

    anyways… do a little more research…

    1. hey all you believers! i know a lot about damn vampires. ok what i know for a fact is … they have no mirror image, if you get changed onto one your imortal. thats all i’m giving out of of my knolage. cause the other packs might start to hunt me down then kill me.

      1. Dear Kevin Micheal Winn,

        I am a strong believer of vampires and would love to hear more about them. Wait, when you say “cause the other packs might start to hunt me down and kill me.” does that mean you’re a vampire? IF ANYONE IS A VAMPIRE OUT THERE, PLEASE CONTACT ME!!!

  15. It’s sad to see how much most of you want to believe in something that has been misunderstood since it was invented by some severely disturbed individual many many years ago. The word escapism comes to mind. Find real hobbies, people.

    Oh, if there are any pretty girls out there that want to be bitten, mail me. Preferably under 26 years old. Darkish hair is a bonus.

    1. You must be a vampire. I would like to be one but 1, I don’t have darkish hair 2, I’m not that pretty. I am under 26 though….

  16. lol Heimlich. You obviously know more than us about vampires. Please enlighten me on how they really are.

  17. hey rolfmoa, i dont think they will be attracted to ur period blood. Ur rite it is sick. I dont think it is even blood. besides if they were attracted they will like leave. I dont think any vampire out there would want to lick or bite a butt from where you have ur shi* comes out of.
    Ha! I wouldnt! :)

    Is there a page where they talk about Vampyres?

  18. i would love to be a vampire. to fly and movie like the wind. to have the freedom to do what ever i want. no more pain and no more worry. to live forever and to see the world change.

    1. I agree with you on that! I would love to watch the world and everyone on it grow, to be free to do whatever, to move like the wind, and to be almost carefree.

  19. The second method is false.A human becomes a vampire when their thirst for blood and their rage reaches near impossible limits.This then creates a sub-conscious version of themselves.A human can also become a Vampire if they become conscious of their inner demons.As for feeding,any self respecting Vampire wouldn't hunt for human blood,they would take it from a willing donor.We are not at all like human kind has been led to believe we are.

    1. WE???? (awesome!) you must be one because of how much you know and how you talk about them in general (a.k.a. the “we” part)

  20. seriously. vampires . . . why not? i mean if there is witches why not vampires. i mean, there is a part of me that trys to support the idea. but not likely. has anyone seen a vampire here? no. its hard especially since all these vampire movies and shows are coming out. you want it to be posible, right? but seriously if any of you have INTERESTING facts about vampires . . . those i want to hear. because if they are real or not, who knows. but they are interesting . . . and scarry.

  21. okie all i want to tell u vampire believers iz that they realy do exist and they arent just like the twilight characters or any other novels some r different and some pretty much the same…….
    and dont believe all that u read some stuff r rly off to how vampires are and how they look like trust me i know they are good at there disguises!and i cant believe that no one so far has seen a vampire WOW!

    1. Btw, I have mat a vampire. Huh, maybe this is why most of them like to keep it a secret cause some of us mortals just blab to others like I am right now to everyone who reads this comment. (WOW, im not good at keeping this kind of secret but i would be if it was me as the vampire)

  22. I would LOVE to become a vampire!!!! IF THERE ARE ANY VAMPIRES OUT THERE, PLEASE GET A HOLD OF ME!!! I am a proud believer of vampires (and werewolves). Some people think I am one because of the way I act sometimes. PLEASE, SOME VAMPIRE OUT THERE!!! PLEASE GET A HOLD OF ME (and we can talk, I am very curious about you guys)!!!!!

      1. Well you can stop like “Edward’s amazing selfcontrol” (said sarcasticly). (Sorry, i wasn’t trying to tease you and another vampire out there.)

  23. this is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. just FWI for vampire believers:there is NOT just one specie of vampires… how can i explain it just like a dog there a poodle,german sheperd,golden retriever,etc.well same for vampires expect vampires r not dogs(obviously i dun look like a dog)So before you start begging 2 be a vampire u should kno all th species tht they r in the world

  25. Well, I just got one question for you ‘real vampires’ out there.
    Do you guys sleep in coffins?

  26. Guys, I know you probably won’t believe me but I think I’ve saw a vampire ask me if you want more info

    1. Hey, Damon, I believe you. Its stupid because there’s so many damn liars but I’ve seen stuff too. Stuff that I can’t freakin’ explain. We’re not crazy. What did you see?

  27. people i really want to know if they are real i mean with the whole living forever thing never getting old etc. im not happy my life is worthless i just really want to know if theirs something out there that can help me i want to become a vampire no madder what i mean you guys that commanded up there idk if you joking just to be stupid but im not i really want this i really wanna be one of them :)

  28. Why would any sane vampire give away their identity? That’s the whole point in staying in hiding and not telling the world they exist- because they have to stay hidden. So don’t lie and say your a vampire, because if you were you would not annonunce it to everyone.

    1. Wow atleast one smart person here what you said is what i am trying to tell people for à very long time^_*

  29. hi I’m a little unsure of this site , are you really all believers and if so what made you all believe; serious , honest answers please.

  30. Hey for anyone out there that is by any chance reading this i only wanted to dat that alot of you people need a spelling lesson because God damn how are we suposed to read youre text whin u spell lyk diz u KNO wut i men ? I mean seriously and if youre excuse is this: i am only 12 so yeah… Well i am 12 and my birthday was on 3 may so i just turned 12 and also i am from belgium i learned the lanuage english all by mysellf and du yu see meh spel lyk this al THE time? No….also i am quite pissed off at The posers here seriously instead of acting like à vampire and killing animals for blood and drinking it and saying it tastes sweet just to make everyone think you are à vampire when you honestly rather eat youre own vomit Then drinking blood again..youre just pathetic and need to go buy à life on ebay:) vampiers stay hidden and always have… Althou i am not saying all of you are posers i am saying most are… And i already know who are:) go get à life you are not à vampire suck it up and move on…

  31. If u vamps are out there come and bite me i want to be one so bad cause my life sucks so i want to be one so my life would be so easy!!

  32. there are so many of you who want to become a vampire. the pain and suffering is over looked. killing people is that of which demons do. you’d never see the sun again. you would have to watch as all your loved ones died. if god is real i pray for you all. he left me behind, and ill walk alone forever. perhaps ill find someone worthy of being as evil as me and ill snatch them away from the rest of humanity.

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