Being Human NA vs. Being Human UK

There are actually some subtle differences in the way these two shows are laid out; many viewers who were dedicated to the original UK version of Being Human have argued that the original is better, because blah blah blah. But there are some very dissimilar attributes on either side of the fence. Sure, some of these differences are the standard SyFy special effects; a bag of pipe cleaners and some Elmer’s glue. But a lot of the differences can be found in the storytelling and the way the show has been rearranged.

For example, the first episode of the North American remake of Being Human, has a lot on its plate; it has to pack in both the pilot and the first episode of the original UK Being Human. From here on out, I’m just calling them UK Being Human, and NA Being Human. And by the time NA Being Human has its second episode, it’s still covering things from the first episode of UK Being Human; not the pilot but the actual first episode. Confusing right? And in the second episode of NA Being Human, it starts with the scene from the first episode of UK Being Human; Annie’s death.

So, what’s the hypothesis for the third episode of NA Being Human? As I’m watching the second episode of NA Being Human, I’m noticing that there is no mention of Tully (George’s would-be werewolf mentor, but in reality, super-bad influence) yet. UK Being Human packed a lot of action into a very small package, but it’s still wonderful, because there was never a dull moment. Not that NA Being Human is boring, but there is more time spent exploring the plot, the characters, and the whole story. Maybe it’s an American thing, but I did sort of have trouble following all the action in the UK Being Human, especially with the intricacies of vampire politics.

That considered, I’m looking forward to the slower, Americanized shows, that really get into the characters a little more deeply. The UK actors might have been slightly (okay, a lot) more skilled, but this is still pretty early on in the series, so maybe they’ll get better as time goes on. I remember how corny the Vampire Diaries actors were in the beginning of the show. Anyway! The next episode of NA Being Human. The second episode of NA Being Human ends with the story from UK Being Human, so I think the third episode of NA Being Human will probably encompass parts of the second and -maybe- the third episodes of UK Being Human. But it might even be slower, which is fine with me, I love the character dynamics, subtle changes, and even though the wit isn’t as sharp, it’s still pretty comical in some spots.

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  2. i LOVE sam huntington… he is a good parallel for George… cuter than George (sorry..) and i think his facial expressions make him funnier but in a more subtle way..
    Dont get me wrong though.. i DO love the UK version…
    I guess ill have to wait and see if Aidan (i didnt think i’d like him.. but i really do) is as good as Mitchell..
    and if Sally is as good as Annie..
    I think they’ll do well… I do…

  3. Us version isn’t bad but no way near as good as the original Uk series
    sorry you guys will have to try harder next time

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