‘Being Human’ Season 4 Starts Tonight On Syfy

The US remake of Being Human returns Monday night on the SyFy Network for its fourth season. As would be expected for a season finale, when we last saw our main characters, most were in peril. Sally was pulled into …

Unlike the UK original version the US version of ‘Being Human’ has kept its core characters alive and intact, which seems to be pivotal to the success of almost every US show. The article I found had some minor and vague hints of what is to come this season. What do you wanna see happen in season 4? What would you like to be different from season 4 of the UK version?

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  1. it has to be viewed differently than its British counterpart as what worked for them wont work in the u.s. I preferred the first British version but the u.s. one is growing on me. I couldn’t stop laughing when they brought on the actor from blood ties & also called him henry, a nod to that short lived series. I miss all the cute inside jokes from the uk series (hid it in my red dwarf box set etc) & the more realistic periphery characters but am enjoying the less whiny angst-y characters. I guess we in the u.s carry guilt differently ;)

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