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Believe in Sax Man

Tim Cappello had a cameo in THE LOST BOYS—and by calling it a cameo we are being generous—and yet he has managed to achieve a cult following for it. “Sax Man,” as his character is known, is still rockin’ three decades later. He finally got around to releasing an album, entitled “Blood on the Reed,” and he’s going on tour as well. Naturally there is a new version of his song “I Still Believe” on the album. Did I forget to mention that Cappello did that song, one of the instantly recognizable “theme songs” of the movie, a cover version? (The original was done by a Santa Cruz band called “The Call.”)

If only Jordan Peele had gotten Capello to appear in US. We know that US and THE LOST BOYS share the same universe, sorta. The former takes place at the amusement park that serves as the location for the latter. Imagine of we’d seen Sax Man playing in the background. How cool would that have been? Sax Man also graced the variant cover to the first issue of the Vertigo comic book series THE LOST BOYS. Ya know, we’ve got that new series in the works. They should totally get Sax Man to appear in that as a sort of musical homage to the original.

TheCheezman • May 13, 2019

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