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Ben Back as Batman?

Don’t put any money down on it, but there’s a rumor going ‘round that if the forthcoming Snyder Cut of JUSTICE LEAGUE, the movie as it was originally intended before Joss Whedon took over and redid it (and did a poor job of it, although in fairness we can’t blame him too much, as he was only following the orders given to him from the studio to “lighten up” the film) proves to be a hit when it airs on HBO Max, then the network wants to go ahead and do Ben Affleck’s Batman movie, too. Granted that would be cool, and the script is already written. We’d get Affleck back as crazy Batman and as director too, with Jared Leto returning as the Joker, given the chance to do what he was prevented from doing in SUICIDE SQUAD. (This last we can also blame on the studio, who edited the hell out of the movie to make it less dark and edgy and in the process completely gelded Leto’s character.)

Don’t get your hopes up, friends. They’d have to do some serious wooing to get Ben Affleck back. Chances are good that he doesn’t have too much in the way of warm fuzzy feelings for them—Leto for sure doesn’t—and they’d have to drop a lot of dough to get that movie made. I don’t see them willing to pony up that kind of cash, regardless of fanboy enthusiasm. I expect the only time we’ll see Affleck in the role is when they Snyder Cut debuts, and the only Batman we’ll be seeing on the big screen is Robert Pattinson’s take.

TheCheezman • June 22, 2020

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