Betty White Joins Cast of Breaking Dawn?

Stephenie Meyer accidentally got hold of some bad brownies, I think, –she, and Kellan Lutz, who plays Emmett Cullen in the Twilight films, have been talking about how awesome it would be to put Betty White in the films, somewhere, as a vampire. There are a lot of opinions being thrown around, –some are more like projectiles, –but I’m neutral on the subject. And anyway, why would there be an old lady vampire? I mean, what reasonable vampire would make someone’s grandma part of their legion of the undead?  I can’t say I’m all excited like Lutz or Meyer, but also not sure that it would be as gimmicky and over-the-top as this blogger, from MetroWNY thinks:

“Betty White as a vampire? Does anyone think this is a good idea? What is the fascination with Betty White these days? She goes on SNL and all of the sudden she is a hot commodity? I think Hollywood is getting a little carried away with this whole Betty White thing.

The cast of Twilight wants Betty White to star in Breaking Dawn.

Kellan Lutz says, “I would love for them to do what they did in Benjamin Button with her and she can be Renee (Sarah Clarke’s character) or Esme (Reaser’s character). I want to work with her. That would be so much fun.”

Twilight author Stephanie Meyer tells E!, “We have so many vampires in Breaking Dawn, surely she can fit in somewhere. Wouldn’t it be amazing if she was like just sitting there with a big group of the Volturi (vampire sect)? That would be amazing.”

I can’t think of anything more ridiculous than Betty White as a vampire. She is 88 and can barely move much less play a believable vampire in a Twilight film.

Twilight is successful enough that it doesn’t need to resort to gimmicks to get people to pay for a ticket. In my opinion, having Betty White play a vampire in Breaking Dawn would be a complete and utter joke and cheapen the Twilight brand. It would be like casting George Clooney as Batman, wait, they did that already and it was a huge flop at the box office.

My advice to the producers of the Twilight films; just keep doing what your doing and forget about the gimmicks. Your doing just fine the way you are.”

Wow, well, simmer down chica. The Twilight films aren’t exactly the most respected franchise out there, –the books are pretty awesome, the films are decent, but about half the people on the planet think the movies are irrevocably idiotic, so what’s the sense in telling anyway not to ‘cheapen’ the franchise? And anyway, movie tickets cost anywhere from $10-$20 these days, and god forbid you go to see anything in 3D, –the last thing you can call Twilight, is cheap. Betty White is funny, and she does actually have some acting talent, –so her presence wouldn’t really be a gimmick, so much as a cute cameo. And what the hell else would you call Dakota Fanning’s role in New Moon? She had what, ten minutes of screen time in the whole two hour movie? Betty White is awesome, and she should get a chance to cameo in Breaking Dawn if she wants to.

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  4. Having Betty White in breaking dawn in the movie will be awesome. im already going to watch it anyways because of robert pattinson but still, my boyfriend loves her and he’ll watch it with me if she is in it. that is so awesome. but seriously though just because she’s old, doesnt mean she cant do something she enjoys.

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