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Beware the Zombie (Deer)!

It *should* go without saying, but I do live in Alabama, and I do know people who have broken this good rule of thumb: don’t eat roadkill.

I like venison fairly well, but I’d be willing to forego it altogether to guarantee I don’t get Chronic Wasting Disease, or CWD, a guaranteed fatal brain-eating disease that has been reported in 24 states and Canada and afflicts deer—but could be transferable to human beings.

Said Michael Osterholm of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota: “It is probable that human cases of chronic wasting disease associated with consumption with contaminated meat will be documented in the years ahead…It’s possible the number of human cases will be substantial and will not be isolated events.”

Well, that doesn’t sound good. Could this be the deer equivalent of Mad Cow Disease?

The makers of the brilliant movie ZOMBEAVERS were closer to the mark than they realized. It’s just that the zombie apocalypse will begin with deer and not with beavers.

Experts suggest that hunters not shoot any deer they see acting strangely. Yeah, good luck with that. Around here, drunken hunters typically shoot at anything that moves. CWD will probably be reported in humans for the first time in Alabama.

TheCheezman • February 22, 2019

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