BIG Vampire Diaries Spoilers and Lots of Sneak Peek Photos!

The Vampire Diaries won’t return March 15 due to yet another ridiculous hiatus, but worry not VD fans, for I had a big dose of spoiler goodness for you! The team behind the hit show has revealed all kinds of spoilers on the final episodes of Season 3, as well as a whole bunch of super spectacular photos from upcoming episodes.  Wondering what will happen with Elena and Damon, curious about the new vampire in town, want to know if Dr. Fell really is a bad guy? Find out below!

Warning: There are lots of spoilers below!

First off, the Original Family isn’t going anywhere just yet. It may look like everyone has gone their own way – but they haven’t. There is much more in store for them, and things are going to be jam-packed full of drama. Reports say that things will heat up for Klaus when his feelings for Caroline intensify and he tries even harder to play for her affections. Of course, this is going to stir some drama with her boyfriend Tyler, and there apparently is a big Klaus and Tyler showdown in upcoming episodes. This bit of news was shocking to me, after seeing Klaus burn drawings of Caroline in the last episode I figured he was done with her, but the rumors say it isn’t so and that him and Tyler will be getting into it.

Then there’s the arrival of Damon’s old friend (and possible ex-lover) Sage. This new vamp to town stirs things up on Rebekah’s end as Sage and Damon try to figure out her latest evil plan. And obviously, the fact that Rebekah has discovered the white oak tree that could kill her and Klaus will also play into the story.

Now, many Delena fans may be worried that Sage’s arrival will put out the sparks between Damon and Elena, but reports say it isn’t so. Not only will Elena be super jealous over Damon’s new vampire ladies, but the tension will increase when Damon escorts Elena to the annual decade dance. This year’s theme: the 20s!

Also, we won’t be seeing Katharine any time soon, but we will get more flashbacks of the Salvatore brothers, including the years the boys spent apart from one another.

Now for Meredith spoilers! (I will warn you again, here are BIG spoilers) Sources say that Dr. Fell is NOT the serial killer, but who is will completely surprise you.

And finally, producer Julie Plec confirmed that the finale script is one that will “shock” fans to their core as Elena will “definitely make a choice,” one that will impact the rest of the series.

If that wasn’t enough spoilers for you, here are lots of photos from the upcoming episode “Break On Through.”

(click for full size)

SO, what do you guys think about all the news? What are you most excited about?

– Moonlight

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Moonlight (aka Amanda) loves to write about, read about and learn about everything pertaining to vampires. You will most likely find her huddled over a book of vampire folklore with coffee in hand. Touch her coffee and she may bite you (and not in the fun way).


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