Bill and Eric in the New Waiting Sucks Video!

Eeee! Do you guys realize what kind of implications this video has in it, –the mere fact that Bill is in this video -means- something. And, well, then there’s also the fact that Eric is in it, which for me, is enough to drive me all kinds of batshit crazy. I’m Team Eric, all the way; maybe it means something that I’m Team Damon, and Team Jacob too… I almost always have that loyalty to the underdog/bad boy, but only because they’re hotter, probably. Anyway! Yes! Bill and Eric appear in the new Waiting Sucks video, and they’re discussing the ‘new coven’ in town. Uh oh. The witches are causing problems; unless they’re talking about a vampire coven, which I doubt. Witches come in covens, vampires come in clans, and werewolves come in packs. I guess zombies are… flocks, or something.

This is what Zap2It had to say about the video:

Stephen Moyer) and Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) assess the threat of a new coven that is creating havoc in Bon Temps. And Eric seems to have some firsthand knowledge of their capabilities.

First surprise is that we discover that Eric still has his memories in part of Season 4, but we know that doesn’t last long. Does Eric get too close to the witches? Skarsgard has said that his impending bout with amnesia arises after he messes with the wrong people. So, we’d have to assume the answer is yes.

Yeah, well, the thing is, as intuitive as they think they’re being, –they still haven’t even drawn the biggest conclusion of them all yet: Bill is alive! He doesn’t end up getting torn to little Kibbles and Bill-bits, by the Queen of Louisiana, –which is a good sign, I guess. Even though, I have to say, Bill is really on my shit list right now. Sure, I knew he was a dirty liar, but… it’s worse when it’s all… in your face and on the screen. So to cheer myself up, I watched ‘Oh Sookie’; surely you remember the Sookie song by Snoop? The really, awful, completely ridiculous, but totally cute video that came out last yer? It’s just one of the many videos goodies I plan to dig up to satisfy you True Blood groupies, every week, until True Blood finally starts up again.

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