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Bill Murray Changes Tune On GHOSTBUSTERS

For years, decades, even, and rightly or wrongly—mostly rightly—Bill Murray bore the blame for there never being a GHOSTBUSTERS 3. That’s the problem when you’ve got an actor who is so inextricably linked to a role that no one else could ever play that role, and that role is so much a part of a movie project that the film could never get made without that character being a part of it. If the actor doesn’t want to do it, the movie doesn’t happen. Think about Michael Keaton and Beetlejuice. Nobody else could play that role.

We’re finally going to get that GHOSTBUSTERS sequel we’ve been waiting for. (That unwise reboot has been retconned. It never happened.) Jason Reitman, son of Ivan Reitman, director of the original GHOSTBUSTERS, is currently at work on the long-expected film. And Bill Murray has gone on record saying he would appear in the film if he was asked. But would he be willing to play Peter Venkman? We know he had a cameo in the reboot, but as a different character. What fans really want is to see the original characters back, portrayed by the original actors. Details regarding the new movie have been few and far-between. We can only hope at this point that the ingredients will be pleasing to our cinematic palates.

TheCheezman • June 3, 2019

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