Bio Briefs: Twilight’s Bella, Edward and Jacob

Twilight Biography Briefs featuring Bella, Edward and Jacob.  Three of the most popular characters from the Twilight saga, but which character in the series is your favorite?  Be warned, there are spoilers ahead.

Bella Swan moves into her father’s home in the rainy, cold, and dreary city of Forks, Washington. On her first day of school she sees the Cullen family, and is captivated by how stunning each of them are, she particularly notices Edward Cullen. He saves her life by stopping a vehicle from crushing her, she is then determined to be around him, to understand why he acts so different. Bella falls in love with Edward but she soon discovers he and his family are a coven of vampires. Edward leaves Bella in an attempt to keep her safe from the vampire world. Bella severely distraught and depressed seeks comfort in her friend Jacob Black. Bella begins to care deeply for him however not as much as she still cares for Edward who comes back into her life and they become engaged. Bella marries Edward and becomes pregnant with a vampire/human child who is consuming the blood right out of her, almost dead Edward changes Bella into a vampire and she gives birth to their daughter Renesmee. Bella being a vampire now has the power to create a force field that protects her and people around her.

Edward Cullen is a vampire who resides with other vampires who are all adopted. His father Carlisle found Edward when he was seventeen. Edward was dying and Carlisle thought he had no other choice but to turn him into a vampire and adopt him. Edward is a “vegetarian” vampire meaning he doesn’t feed on people, only animals which in result makes the family a bit weaker. Edward is breath-taking, extremely intelligent, and has an extremely vivid memory. Edward can move faster than most vampires and has the ability to read minds, with the exception of his love, Bella. Edward has an uncontrollable thirst when it comes to Bella. He eventually realizes he needs to control it because he’s deeply in love with her and can’t make himself stay away. Edward refuses to turn Bella into a vampire but forced with no other choice when she begins dying from trying to give birth to their daughter.

Jacob Black is a fifteen year old Native American of the Quileute tribe in La Push. He’s known Bella since they were both little, but have rarely spoken until Edward leaves her. Jacob spends almost every day with Bella while Edward is gone and they grow quite fond of each other. Jacob falls in love with Bella. Jacob begins ignoring Bella and acting cold towards her, never answering her calls, and purposely avoiding her. Bella doesn’t know at the time but it’s because he is undergoing a transformation that enables him to phase into a wolf. Finally Bella finds out and they become friends again, the Cullen family and the Quileute tribe often team up together to protect Bella despite the fact that werewolves and vampires are enemies. Jacob stays by Bella’s side even though she’s broken his heart by choosing Edward instead of him. When Bella has her child Jacob imprints on Renesmeee meaning that she is his soul mate, however nothing can happen until she becomes of age.

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OK then wow that's curl and y does Jacob and Edward have to be enemies not friends.ya sure u guys can both like Bella but Edward is better no a fence of keeping Bella near his side, so ya. but i think it is good writing 2.

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