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Bishop Sean Manchester, Holla at Ya Boy!

A quick catch-up for any readers who don’t immediately recognize the name: Bishop Sean Manchester is the primary figure behind the “Highgate Vampire” phenomenon. Recently I’ve been helping researchers who are trying to locate the purported victims of the purported vampire spread the word, and this got me to thinking. As I’ve only heard from one side, the skeptical side, I’d sure like to talk to Mr. Manchester himself on the subject. This, then, is an open appeal to him.

Bishop Manchester, I do hope you won’t dismiss me because of some of the company I keep. It is true that I am online friends with Anthony Hogg, Erin Chapman, and Trystan Swale, and I know you have had issues with them in the past. I, however, as I’ve stated before, don’t really have a dog in this fight. My job is to entertain, and to report on all things vampire-related. I can be impartial and not take sides. If you’d care to offer your thoughts on the matter of this search for the Highgate victims, or anything else related to the Highgate Vampire case, I will gladly offer you the chance to tell your side of things, free of editorializing, here at The floor is yours, sir, if you’d care to take it.

TheCheezman • March 18, 2016

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