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Bitchin’ About the Batmobile

Lots of comicbook-related news this week, what with a rumor claiming Ben Affleck’s Batman might be making a return (not bloody likely) and DC Comics’ dirty business dealings (you can read all about these right here on this site this week). Now, with filming on THE BATMAN set to resume shortly, here’s some yahoo bitching about the look of the new Batmobile. “Just when we thought 2020 couldn’t possibly get any worse…” they say. Are they fekking serious? A global pandemic, race riots, and murder hornets, and they’re worried because they don’t like the design of a car in a movie? (I doubt they’re serious, but even in jest it sounds ridiculously superficial.) “This thing looks jankier than a high school auto shop class project. It’s a cobbled-together mess with no clearly-defined design theme”, they say. I suppose we shouldn’t expect any more from a site dedicated to automobiles.

Personally, I’m not looking at it and seeing a car. I’m looking at it and seeing the Batmobile. I could care less how “practical” the design is. The site also rips on Pattinson, or “Edward the Sparkling Vampire” as they refer to him. After seeing what Pattinson can do, acting-wise, in THE LIGHTHOUSE, I’d almost forgotten that he ever played a sparkly pseudo-vampire to begin with. Thanks for reminding me, Motorious—not!

TheCheezman • June 23, 2020

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