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Bite Marks

While scanning the latest and greatest vampire news I came across something that some of you just might enjoy – Bite Marks, a comedy by Mark Bessenger.

“When Brewster’s older brother goes missing, he must take over a cross-country delivery of coffins to a funeral home. Attempting to stay awake, Brewster picks up Cary and Vogel, a hitchhiking gay couple trying to mend their relationship. Their GPS misleads them into an abandoned junkyard where the truck breaks down, and when night falls, the coffins reveal vampires! Hungry ones! The mismatched trio barricades themselves in the cab of the truck. Can they survive the bloodsucking undead–and each other–until dawn?”

Bite Marks is written & directed by Mark Bessenger, the film stars Windham Beacham, Benjamin Lutz, David Alanson, Stephen Geoffreys, Krystal Main, John Werskey, Phillip Henry Christopher, Racheal Rivera, Jon Gale and Miranda Downey.

Bite Marks trailer:

After watching the trailer for this new film it’s pretty clear that it’s not for everyone, it’s not romantic, or particularly deep looking, but hell, I’m sure it’ll entertain some of us. Personally, it’s not really my type of vampire film. I’m more of a Dracula or Interview with a Vampire type of girl, I like my vampire films a bit, uh, classy. Not to say that Bite Marks looks like trash, I’m sure it’s entertaining and all, but yeah, not for me. Honestly, it looks a lot like every other comedy about vampires, and those get real old real fast.

What about you guys? Can you see yourself watching Bite Marks? Or are you a bit more like me when it comes to movie tastes?

If you are interested in watching the film then I suggest checking out the Bite Marks official website or their Facebook page. Unfortunately, there isn’t any info on when or where you can see the movie.

– Moonlight

Benjamin LutzBite MarksDavid AlansonJohn WerskeyJon GaleKrystal MainMark BessengerMiranda Downey.Phillip Henry ChristopherRacheal RiveraStephen Geoffreysvampire movieWindham Beacham

Moonlight • January 13, 2011

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  5. Mark Bessenger January 16, 2011 - 12:43 am Reply

    The writer/director here. BITE MARKS has only recently finished post-production, which is why there is no release date. The search for distribution will soon be underway. In the meantime, you can check your local horror and gay film festivals to see if it’s showing.

    Mark Bessenger

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