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Blade Coming Back?

If Wesley Snipes is to be believed, there are not one but TWO new BLADE THE VAMPIRE HUNTER projects in the works. I’m afraid I must remain skeptical. I like Wesley. I do. But the guy’s been to prison since he last played the part, for income tax evasion! How does a millionaire get pinched for not paying his taxes? Seriously! It does make one out to not be particularly bright. Also, there’s some serious baggage to casting Snipes now, given his history. Add to that the fact that he’s now 56 years old—which wouldn’t necessarily be a problem, except that Blade isn’t supposed to age!—and I wouldn’t bet a nickel that Marvel would put this guy back in front of the camera. When Wesley says that he has been in talks with Marvel Studious, what I expect that really means is that he has been pitching them ideas—not that they have been returning his phone calls.

I expect we will see another Blade movie eventually. The first two were really good films and were also big hits. (We won’t talk about the third one, although I maintain it wasn’t THAT bad.) Marvel knows there is moneymaking potential there. But it won’t be Wesley Snipes cast in the role when it finally happens. Sorry, Wes.

TheCheezman • September 9, 2018

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