Blood & Donuts

For some reason, I just never got around to alerting the world about this film, –you can’t even find it on Netflix! And it’s not like it’s an ancient vampire movie (or worse, something made in the 70s), it was released in 1995. The film is, in some ways, almost un-findable, but still a cult classic in its own right. The story follows Boya, a vampire who is probably pretty old, –they never do say exactly, a sweet if not-too-bright cab driver, and a waitress named Molly. Boya slept for 25 years after the moon landing sent him into seclusion, when a golf ball’s chance landing knocked him out of a ceiling and into the modern world.

Earl, the cab driver with all the problems, including a terminal accent,–lets Boya live in his apartment. Gradually, Boya begins interacting with the outside world, and through his acquaintance with Earl, he meets Molly, –whom Earl has a thing for. Boya also gets dragged into his issues with the local gangsters, which, by proxy, puts Molly in danger as well. And that’s just half the drama! When Boya woke up, Rita, his old girlfriend and blood donor, instantly received the transmission. She continued looking for him once again, after 25 years of searching, and finally, she finds him and begins creating even more problems.

And throughout all this drama, Boya struggles with a need to feed, –and in the meantime, he and Molly are falling in love. The film is sweet, funny, sad, and it has an unbelievable soundtrack, full of classic vampire songs, and maudlin old romantic tunes from the 50s and 60s. On top of that, there’s coffee, donuts, and a David Cronenberg cameo as a crime boss. It’s a classic cult vampire film, that has to be seen to be believed!

By annimi

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  4. Definitely an underrated film, I found it on Fearnet when it was still available through cable. There is a VHS version floating around the internet but I hope this movie will receive a better release. I do not think it’s on DVD but it should be.

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