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Blood: It Does A Body Good

I don’t want to be labeled a poser, so allow me to confess right upfront that I am not a sanguivore. I have never felt the urge or compulsion to consume blood. My passion for vampirism trends strictly towards the folkloric and Mythic. I never even knew a sanguivore–a living human being who consumes blood, either animal or human–until I got this gig, and met a few of them online. They’re terrific people, inasmuch as one can tell from online interactions, and I believe one can tell a LOT, as people as a general rule tend to let their darksides come to the forefront over the Internet. So no, I’m not a sanguivore. I have no personal experience with the consumption of blood. But I do know some folks who are, and who do. I will, then, allow them to have the floor on the subject.

Alexia Ashford over at THE RED CELLAR recently answered some questions from a skeptical reader. She is not a fetishist. She doesn’t consume blood to be “hip” or to pretend that she is a centuries-old supernatural creature. She claims to have a physical requirement, and who are we to say otherwise? Any competent doctor will tell you that there is a LOT they do not know about the human body, a lot that nobody knows. Check out the question and answer session. It’s well worth a read, and will help you to better understand this controversial topic.

TheCheezman • March 19, 2018

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