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‘Blood Oath’ A Vampire Movie For the Guys

It’s a bit difficult for most men to get into movies like Twilight or shows like the Vampire Diaries, but luckily Christopher Farnsworth’s novel Blood Oath is set to be made into a movie, which is great news for the action-loving guys (and girls) out there. The book has just been picked up by the man behind Mr. & Mrs. Smith, producer Lucas Foster. Foster’s company Warp Films now has the film rights to Blood Oath.

“In 1867, a sailor was caught drinking the blood of two dead men on a whaling vessel. He was pardoned for insanity and died in an asylum. At least, that’s the cover story. In fact, nineteen-year-old vampire Nathaniel Cade was secretly recruited by the president to defend the United States against “unnatural” threats. Cade is the ultimate secret agent, battling nightmares before they can break into the daylight world of the American dream.

When Zach Barrows, an ambitious twenty-six-year-old White House staffer, is assigned as Cade’s new handler and presidential liaison, he soon learns that the world is far stranger and far more dangerous than he ever imagined. Their mission reveals the truth about the real Dr. Frankenstein, a shadowy conspiracy within the government, and a plot to attack the United States with a gruesome biological weapon: an army of undying, unstoppable killers.”

Blood Oath sounds like a great book and a kickass movie. Better yet, Foster got the rights to both the first and second books, even though the second is still being written.

If you’re sick of emo vegetarian vampires that sparkle and cliche love triangles, then this upcoming flick is something to be excited about. Don’t forget to pick up the book as well, it just came out and it already has a handful of amazing reviews.

Check out the Blood Oath book trailer:

– Moonlight

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Moonlight • May 20, 2010

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