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Everyone’s heard about the upcoming “Blood Rave” in Amsterdam, but have you heard of the “Blade Rave” in Manhattan? Erin Chapman investigates.

A few weeks back I reported on the “blood rave” being planned for Halloween night in Amsterdam, Holland, and I called bullshit, pointing out the numerous health code violations and potential lawsuits inherent in such a venture. (I also predicted that the tweakers in attendance would be so hopped-up on their chemicals of choice that they wouldn’t know the difference—not that I’m implying everybody who attends will be a tweaker. Just ninety percent, I’d estimate.) Now it turns out there is a SECOND blood rave event planned, this one to take place in New York on October 9th. It seems the idea is contagious.

This second blood rave, though, seems far more family-friendly, timed to coincide with the New York Comic Con and designed as a straight recreation of the movie BLADE, from which the idea of the blood rave originates. Also, the organizers of the second event, BBQ Films, are upfront with the fact that they will NOT be using real blood, stressing that theirs will be a thrilling but SAFE experience. I could envision myself attending and even enjoying the NY event—for a few minutes—but not the one in Amsterdam, even believing as I do that the blood falling on the revelers in Holland is no more genuine than the fake stuff being used for the former attraction.
Both, I should think, ought to come with courtesy shower stalls for afterward.



TheCheezman • October 7, 2015

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