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You can rip on Ed Wood all you want for the bargain-basement production values in his movies, the stilted acting of his performers, his lack of proficiency in cinematography and editing. But his dialogue? It’s idiosyncratic, for sure. That’s probably the best descriptor for it. You could also use words like “quirky” or “weird.” But one thing it absolutely is, is unique. It cannot be duplicated—and this is coming from someone who has tried. Ed Wood had a “voice” that was his and his alone. This is best on display in his films, but the guy also penned a ton of short stories. Most of them are softcore porn, yes, but even when he was just working to pay the bills by writing smut, Ed couldn’t restrain his creative impulses completely. To read an Ed Wood short story, even a smutty one, is truly an *experience*.

There are now two collections of Wood’s short fiction available for purchase, BLOOD SPLATTERS QUICKLY and the just-released ANGORA FEVER. My online buddy Bob Blackburn, heir to the Ed Wood estate, worked hard to get these stories into print and to preserve them for posterity. We owe him a debt of gratitude.

Ed Wood wrote stream-of-conscious style. He never edited, he never rewrote anything, and he was reportedly a dervish when it came to cranking out the words. This in part explains the *idiosyncrasies*. The rest? It was just a gift, baby.

TheCheezman • April 8, 2019

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