Blood Sport: Console Peripheral That Sucks Your Blood …It’s a Real Thing

Video games are getting in on the vampire craze, but if this game is any indication, we’d all be a lot better off if interactive entertainment stayed out of the shiny, undead bloodsucker arena.”

Vampire game console peripheral: so, imagine you’re chillin’ at home, playing… dude, whatever, Assassin’s Creed, because let’s face it… you’re one of those people. Well, while the rest of us are playing Skyrim or Outlast, you get yourself hooked up to your own personal I.V. and every time someone hits you, or you get close to a chest, –your blood gets sucked out.

This is a thing. It has a Kickstarter campaign. And while it is meant to make blood drives and donating more fun… I dunno. Would you let a video game drink your blood? For a good cause? Or are you on the “hell-no-that-idea-sucks-literally-ha-ha-ha” campaign?

By annimi

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