Blood. Sure they need it, but do they have it?

So we all know that vampires need blood to survive. Or most of them do. Or some of them do, depending on which way you look at it. But, do vampires have blood running through their…er, veins?

Bram Stoker, who is the one-stop-shop for many when it comes to all things related to vampires, didn’t think that vampires had blood in their bodies. He actually claimed that was the reason why vampires fed on blood, because they had none of their own. Stories such as the Twilightsaga furthered this thinking. In the saga, newborn vampires had blood in them, and this was why they were so strong. But eventually, their bodies used them up, and they would need to feed. But neither Twilight or even Bram Stoker can be thought to be the inventors of the vampire.

Many adaptations claim that vampires do in fact have blood. And even if they don’t have a way of specifically pointing it out, it’s there for us to see. Series like the Underworld have vampires being ripped apart, with blood flying all over the place. Others say that true vampire stories claim that the only way for a person to become a vampire is to drink the blood of one, therefore, vampires must have blood of their own.  Okay, really? That’s actually something I’ve never heard before. And the ‘only way’? Whatever happened to good ol’ getting bitten?

Either way, there are arguments both for and against whether or not vampires actually have blood. Just like any vampire folklore, this one is wide open to interpretation. Do I think that vampires have blood? I think they probably do. But then again, if they needed it to feed couldn’t they just be their own donors? Maybe it doesn’t work like that? Once again, one answer brings about so many questions. I guess it depends on which story you’re reading at the time.

– Kate


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  2. Yes vampires have blood , but they also have very low blood iron , in witch the only way to fix is by takeing a bunch of pills that can make them sick and only half way dose the job are 2 by drinking/eating frash blood.

  3. thank you, for the answer……………….i think that vampires may have blood but the blood get reduced or it is absorbed by their body…………..

  4. I remember reading about vampires having blood but with some kind of blood related disease leaving them without enough red blood cells to survive so they would need to feed humans, biting and absorbing their blood. Furthermore, biting humans would not make them vampires if they’re not drinking the vampire blood after being bitten. That’s what I’ve read about vampires folklore.

  5. i think that yes, they do have blood, but it’s somehow different to ours (so, there’s like, a difference in the blood cells or something. i dont know, i flunked bio.). so i think it’s benificial for a human to drink their blood, and believe that enough vamp blood will turn a human; but that surely isn’t the only way (mmn, the old bitey bite way).

    i guess it depends on the folklores you’re brought up with and everything else you discover, really…

  6. hmm….i hope to read Brams work soon,to noe his side of the blood story.but it really depends on the book u read.but,as a personal sorta thing,i think vamps do have blood,but after a few centuries or so,if they havent been ‘killed’ or expired by naturel reasons,they have to increase their blood intake,cause their systems absorb the blood too fast as they grow older,they do,their not immortals,they just grow slower or something,and therefore require more blood to ‘survive’

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  8. Or in Darren Shan’s case, the vampire would have to prick your fingers with his fingernails after he pricks his own fingers (most of the vampires in that world are male, so I’ll use “he” although there are female vampires in his stories and other writers have them also), then your fingers get linked together as his blood flows into your fingers and then once it’s inside you, it will start attacking your human blood cells and transforming them into vampire cells. He calls it blooding for that very reason.

  9. All I know about vampire blood in Darren’s stories is that it’s poisonous to other vampires and humans, and that animals that feast on the vampires’ poisonous organs after they die and the animals go insane and die. Desmond Tiny, the creator of vampires in that world, put something in the vampires’ blood to make them sterile creatures of the night. I had asked the author what he put in their blood, but he never answered me.

  10. I think yes they do have blood. But they need vitamin d which they cant get from the sun since they burn. And the human body is known to give cravings for things depending on lack of vitamins. They crave blood to get vitamin d from non vampires.

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