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‘BloodRayne 3: The Third Reich’ Coming Soon to DVD & Blu-ray

Yes, they made another BloodRayne movie… unfortunately. As someone that’s ridiculously obsessed with the BloodRayne games and absolutely hates the first two movies, I can’t say that I am too excited about the release of BloodRayne 3: The Third Reich. But if you’re one of the rare few that enjoys the films (they do have a lot of nudity after all) then mark July 12 on your calendar, for that’s the day BloodRayne 3 becomes available on DVD and Blu-ray.

“Half-vampire, half-human, Rayne hides in the shadows slaughtering vampires and those that get in her way. In 1943 Europe, during World War II, Rayne faces her greatest foe, a growing army of undead Nazi soldiers led by Ekart Brand, a top Nazi official turned day-walker. Rayne must team up with a group of Resistance Fighters to defeat Brand and his vampire troops before they return to Berlin and attempt to transform Hitler into a vampire and attain immortality.”

Natassia Malthe returns to the title role of the badass Rayne, although, this time she looks nothing like Rayne. Where’s the trademark bright red hair? Sigh. Anyway, Michael Pare has also returned. Before, he played a lawman in the BloodRayne sequel, and this time around he plays an evil Nazi plotting to inject Adolph Hitler with Rayne’s blood in order to make him all powerful. Why they felt the need to reuse actors is beyond me.

The film will be available in both the regular version and an unrated director’s cut. DVD and Blu-ray extras will include:

  • Digital download
  • Making of featurette
  • Commentary track with director Uwe Boll and screenwriter Michael Nachoff
  • Interview with writer Nachoff
  • Official trailer and an alternate trailer

So, anyone here planning on buying the film? People are saying that this one is better because it sticks to the game’s storyline. Uh, no it doesn’t. Just because it has Nazis in it doesn’t make it the same as the games. But I guess anything is better than all of that wild west nonsense.

– Moonlight

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Moonlight • April 19, 2011

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