BloodRayne 3: Warhammer

Mmm just look at that picture of the gorgeous Natassia Malthe. Unfortunately you won’t be seeing more of her for she hasn’t come back to play Rayne in the upcoming flick BloodRayne 3: War hammer. Nope, it’s Kirstanna Loken who is coming back to play Rayne (she was the one that played Rayne the first time around). BUT! There are a lot of rumors flying so there may be a chance that we’ll get Natassia instead. Fingers crossed!

BloodRayne 3: War hammer will be the third and final part of the Dr. Uwe Boll vampire trilogy based on the kickass bestselling BloodRayne video games. Now, most fans of the video game can’t stand the movies and I’m one of them, but I’m hoping this third movie will make up for the utter disappointment the first two caused.

According to reports it looks like this time around they are sticking closer to the game’s storyline. Yup, after a craptastic trip through medieval times and then an odd outing spent battling vampire cowboys in the West, Rayne is finally going to where she is needed – World War II in Nazi filled Europe!

Here is where she’ll be giving hell to the evil Nazis lead by the famous Dr. Mengele. The wicked doctor has come up with a plan to give his beloved Führer immortality by turning him into a dhampir through the injection of some Rayne’s blood.

Shooting for BloodRayne 3 will start in Croatia on February 15th, 2010 and if all goes according to plan, the film will be out on DVD later this year.

BloodRayne is definitely up there in my top ten favorite video games and like I said, I’m not a fan of the movies so far. Uwe Boll, one of the world’s most hated directors, has given us nothing but trash. But hell, I’ve been surprised before so maybe he’ll come through this time around.

– Moonlight

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