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What is the deadliest animal on Earth? (Human beings don’t count.) One might be tempted to think of one of the fearsome predators, the lion or the tiger, the bear, the wolf. But one would be mistaken. Crocodiles? Nope. In Africa, hippos kill more people every year than any other beast (except the holder of the number one spot on the list); hippos are vegetarians but are notoriously aggressive, and they’re flippin’ HUGE. But no, hippos ain’t the answer. What else we got? Howzabout sharks? Nope. The ratio of the population even bitten by a shark annually, much less killed by one, is laughably minuscule, despite what the TV news would lead you to believe. People who live in the US might be tempted to say it is the deer. An unconventional choice, but if you think about how many car wrecks are caused each year from collisions with deer, it makes sense. But it isn’t the deer, either.

By far, the deadliest animal in the world is the tiny mosquito, the spreader of disease; the miniature insectoid vampire kills over 725,000 people annually. Skeeters can adapt easily to different environments, which means they are found just about everywhere, and they breed at a rate that would put any self-respecting rabbit to shame. According to several Native American legends, the mosquito came into being after a real vampire-like monster was killed and burned; the ashes from the crematory fire transformed into mosquitoes.

TheCheezman • February 10, 2019

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