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Blumhouse Saves The Universe

Glory, hallelujah! The Dark Universe is not dead! (Granted it may not be called the Dark Universe anymore, and that’s okay.) Universal had this idea to bring back all the classic Universal Monsters in family-friendly action-adventure films that would be a part of a shared cinematic universe, ala Marvel Comics. Not surprisingly, this plan blew up in their faces. Family-friendly? Action-Adventure? That’s not what the fans want. Only one movie got made following the adoption of this new formula, THE MUMMY in 2017, before Universal pulled the plug. Monsterkidz the world over were left to wait and see what would become of the proposed Dark Universe.

Universal did right. They handed the properties over to Jason Blum’s Blumhouse. Blumhouse has a long string of hits to its name, small-budgeted flicks (relatively speaking) that reaped big rewards at the box office. And Blumhouse does HORROR, not action flicks, not family fare. The Universal Monsters couldn’t be in better hands.

The first film to be announced is a remake of THE INVISIBLE MAN, which will be directed by Leigh Whannell (the SAW and INSIDIOUS franchises, UPGRADE). This bodes well indeed.

TheCheezman • February 11, 2019

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