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Blumhouse Wants Frankenstein…Or Maybe They Want Dracula

We don’t know what direction the Dark Universe is going to take next. The only thing we can say for sure is that, with the recent success of THE INVISIBLE MAN, Blumhouse will be given the reins to deliver us a new interpretation of another of the classic Universal Monsters. Maybe it will be Frankenstein. “I’d love to do FRANKENSTEIN,” says Blum. “I’ve tasked our filmmakers with trying to figure out just straight FRANKENSTEIN. Again, I don’t know if someone else is doing it, I don’t know anything about it, but I would love to try and I’m waiting for the great idea. THE INVISIBLE MAN, I agree, the best ideas feel like, ‘My gosh, it’s so obvious, why didn’t that happen before?’ If we could come up with something as good for FRANKENSTEIN, I’d love to try that.”

Or maybe it will be Dracula. Said Leigh Whannell, director of THE INVISIBLE MAN: “So what I would do is try and forget all the iconography, capes, bolts, fangs, strip it right back and pretend this character has never been done before. No Dracula novel was written. How would I present that character today if I was Bram Stoker in 2020 and I just thought of it? You know it wouldn’t be presented the same way. I think I would try to get at the essence of what makes Dracula scary, which is to me, what makes Dracula scary is a lack of mercy…Like, he’s not a romantic. He needs to drink blood. What parallels in life can you think of that equate to someone without mercy. It’s a psychopath, right? I’m [sic] would take the character right back to that and be like, I’m going to make the psychopath version of this.” Groovy.

Whichever Monster they choose to do next, the fans win!

[UPDATE: Rumor is it’s gonna be Frankenstein! We shall see!]

TheCheezman • March 7, 2020

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