Books You Gotta Have: The Mammoth Book of Vampire Stories By Women

No self-respecting relisher of the macabre should ever deny themselves a copy of a book brilliantly edited and most instructively introduced by the legendary anthologist Stephen Jones.

If there could be like, a King of Anthology Editors, it would be Stephen Jones; I have one of the older MBO Best New Horror titles (the one with the green bat on the cover) and I loved it. The stories ranged from the silly to the incredibly disturbing; no one knows how to put together a great combination of short literature like Jones. He’s like a really good DJ, except of stories, not music. 

There are a few reasons that this is such a great collection; for one, it’s an all female author compilation, –but that doesn’t mean that the tone doesn’t shift. Second, the collection also contains the only (up until 2001 anyway) short story published by Anne Rice, and it has an autobiographical introduction and an original vampire story written by Ingrid Pitt. Pitt is best known for her various roles in Hammer horror, many titles in which she starred were vampire horror films. Looks like a lot of fun, and there are plenty of copies floating around out there, –so get one!

By annimi

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