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Bram In Bronze Is Done!

I’ve reported a few times on the work of sculptor Bryan Moore, and even tried to raise some funding for him, to help him complete his task of rendering author Bram Stoker in the form of a bronze bust. It would appear the sculpting part is finished, and all that is left now is the application of the bronze. What do you all think? Looks wicked good, if you ask me. Once bronzed, the bust will be on its way to merry old Ireland, where it will repose at the Dublin Writer’s Museum. As I chipped in a wee bit, I feel a wee sense of personal satisfaction upon seeing the project completed, and will experience an even greater sense of it when the bust is installed in its permanent home.

When I inevitably get to Ireland on that extended vacation, I’ll have to make sure to visit the bust in person. There will be some small area of the piece, about the size of a pencil point, that I can claim as my contribution. “See that little speck of bronze?” I will say to some other patron. “*I* put that speck there! That’s MY speck!”

Seriously, good work, Bryan, and congratulations on a job well done.

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TheCheezman • July 13, 2017

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