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Bram’s Signature

There is a plaque on the wall of the Kilmarnock Arms Hotel in Cruden Bay, Scotland, commemorating the writing of DRACULA. Bram Stoker wrote the first part of the seminal novel there in 1894-1895. Bram is known to have stayed at the hotel at least twice, and he signed the hotel’s guestbook to prove it. That guestbook is currently being restored for possible display, and in the meantime a photocopy has taken its place. Some Dracula scholars believe that nearby Slains Castle served as the inspiration for Castle Dracula in the novel, and Slains does correspond in some respects to the description of the castle in the novel.

In addition to the descriptions of Castle Dracula, there are other, subtle ways in which Cruden Bay may have made its way into the novel. A fisherman utters the phrase “I wouldn’t fash masel” (“I wouldn’t fuss or fret myself”) in the novel, despite the fact that the fisherman character is from Yorkshire. Stoker also wrote two other novels, THE WATTER’S MOU and THE MYSTERY OF THE SEA at Cruden Bay, written in Doric, which means written in the Scots dialect from the northeast of Scotland, not the ancient Greek dialect that lent its name to a specific kind of pillars.

TheCheezman • August 4, 2019

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