Brutal Murders Associated with Vampire Freaks

Maybe you’ve heard of the website Vampire Freaks. Maybe you’re even a member. But this online community has something that no other vampire websites are known for – murder. Last week, the body of a girl by the name of Kimberly Proctor was found in Colwood, British Columbia. Kimberly’s death was a horrible one. Not only was she beaten and killed, but her killer (or killers) also burned her body before leaving it there in the woods. Kimberly was only 18 years old when she died, and the sadness in her story can’t be expressed. So where does Vampire Freaks come into it?

Kimberly was part of the online group and in her profile, she talked a lot about how she was often the victim of extreme bullying, and that she was actually terrified of teenage girls because the bullying could become so bad. While there are certainly not allegations against the website for being involved in the murder in any way, this actually isn’t the first time that something terrible has happened within the site.

Kimveer Gill was a 25-year-old man that was also a member of the site and in addition to just wanting to find out more about vampires and the goth sub-culture, he also posted pictures of himself holding many different guns and weapons on the site. He was later convicted of murdering one person and injuring several others while he went on a shooting spree at Dawson College in Montreal. And a 12-year-old girl from Alberta, who was also a member of Vampire Freaks, also joined up with her boyfriend to kill three other people. Her name hasn’t been released seeing as how she’s a minor.

There have currently been no arrests made in the case of Kimberly Proctor. And we’re certainly not saying that you shouldn’t visit Vampire Freaks, or that the website is in any way associated with these many murders. But with so many different tragic cases, it is wise to be very careful when visiting this site. And, if you decide to become a member, even more caution is advised. While Vampire Freaks may not be responsible for the murders, there is a definite connection with multiple murders having some sort of link back to this website. So while it may not be the fault of Vampire Freaks, it is certainly a site where lots of people go and sign up in order to discuss their love of vampires and all things goth. And it might just be that there are a lot of sickos out there who realize this and see an opportunity to capitalize, and terrorize, young people.

There is also no mention on the site of Kimberly Proctor, which I think is a tad disrespectful. A note expressing their own sadness over the loss of one of their members would be nice. And there’s also a disclaimer stating that the home of the owner of the website has been searched and that illegal substances and electronic images were confiscated. So, maybe it is best if you just stay away for a little while. We just want you to be careful, that’s all.

If anyone has information regarding Kimberly’s death, you are urged to call West Shore RCMP at 250-474-2264, or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8472.

– Kate


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  3. While I feel for those who died, I believe this may be just a coincidence. There’s thousands of people that subscribe to to Vampire Freaks. It’s a popular website, just like Facebook or Myspace or even Livejournal. I don’t see any mention of any other popular website these folks subscribed to. Pointing at one site just because its not “main stream” doesn’t mean it’s at fault. There’s plenty of people on Facebook, for example, that post pictures of themselves with weaponry. One website is no base of evidence.

    1. There’s more of a chance that it DOESN’T have anything to do with the actual site than that it does. I do think though that comparing it with Facebook and MySpace is a bit of a stretch as those sites actually have millions of followers, not thousands and that they are mainstream and VF is not, as you pointed out. I certainly didn’t mean to point fingers at VF and I did mention that I didn’t think that VF had anything to do with these murders. The fact that the owner of the site is under investigation by the FBI for heroine and sex-related crimes does tell me that it’s a site to stay away from for a little while. And I felt that I should share it with our readers. Like I said, I’m doing what I can to keep people safe online. That’s all.

    2. I used to have vf, but I deleted it because girls that were only a year older than me posted rude comments. I think that there should be LOTS more moderators on the site, checking the photos people post (it’s really disturbing to see half-naked teenagers, trying to add you.) and then checking the things they post on other peoples profiles.
      Also, I agree with Belle. people are like ‘oh it’s only an Emo sanctuary and these are just stupid people trying to run down the site. NO. I am certainly NOT emo (I cry when I fall over at skwl, for gods sake)and I only joined the site becoz I like twilight. That site is not what people think, and until these cops and detectives and ANYONE gets right into the sick, horrible core that is the members of that site, there will be no justice and vf will continue the way it is, a bullying, pro-pedo site for people as young as 13. UGH!

  4. KImveer Gill was not convicted of anything. He died at the scene of the shooting.

    Also, it is not well known, but the Columbine killers were also big into vampires, though they did not post at that forum.

  5. What horrifying story! Poor, poor girl, victim of violence even before her death! Bullies belong in toilet-seat.
    I hope they will find out the killer or killers.

  6. That ‘disclaimer’ you speak of was an April Fools joke, which doesn’t reflect your closer very well. I’ve been a member of VampireFreaks for 7 years now, and I can honestly say the chances of you meeting someone as nuts as the people in the article is the same as Facebook or anything else. The only reason people associate the VF-related crimes is because the website itself is of dark subculture in which the ignorant might think that type of community ‘breeds’ those types of people.

    Fortunately, that is incorrect as psycho’s are in all walks of life; some so hidden you’d never notice. I’m tired of seeing VF nailed because it’s an auto-assumption that the culture is to blame for the nutjobs, it’s been happening for years every time someone gets popped for something and happens to have an account. The true community on VF (the one deeper than the 13 year old scene kids and booty-trolling punks) is actually a respectful and often very wise group of individuals.

    1. It was a bad joke then. And seeing as how it’s April 7 now and the disclaimer (or whatever you want to call it) is still up there, I’d say it’s time to take the very bad joke down. And my “closer” was also asking anyone with information on Kimberly Proctor to come forward, which I think is important. I also don’t understand why people are taking this piece of news entirely the wrong way. I specifically said in the post that I did NOT blame VF but I wanted to warn people and help them be as safe as possible. I in no way said that the people on VF were ignorant, or that they weren’t intelligent people. But I do know a lot of young people are members of that site, as you said yourself, and I do think that sickos might take advantage of that fact.

      I belong to this site,, and I even write for it. So do you really think that I’m blaming the sub-culture, people who love vampires, or anything else? For heaven’s sakes, I was just trying to warn people about the risks of being online, and that it seems to happen particularly often with one particular site. I don’t understand why people get so bent out of shape when I’m only trying to keep people as safe as possible. And that’s especially true for those 13 year olds you speak of.

      1. Just a bad joke because you fell for it – that actually being the point, for us to laugh at the people who think it’s true as none of the site regulars fall for it after the many years of silly April Fools postings. Your closer is what you end your articles points with, so yes it was your closer to say that the April Fools joke was real and that everyone should be wary.

        I didn’t say that you blamed VF, you seem to think every point I made was against you. No, the points are against the whole subject of VF victims in general. You want to make everyone safe? There’s more crimes on VF than other sites? Wrong, VF is actually not near as bad as Facebook/MySpace/Craigslist but ‘writers’ like to make articles at VF because it seems more relevant for a dark subculture website to have victim targeting than the others, when in actuality it’s on the lower end of the scale. I didn’t say you said people were stupid on VF, I highlighted the intelligence of the core community to make a point that, if anything, the community is smart and expels as many creeps as possible, unlike other social networking sites which have them by the boatloads mostly unfiltered.

        I think it’s fully okay to get ‘bent out of shape’ when writers publish one-sided articles that have been re-hashed for years. You may think yours had a gentle touch or just highlighted the issue, but you said nothing but negative things with a few “I’m sure the website staff isn’t responsible, but [insert negative points]”. I’m not blaming you for anything but writing a biased article that only further perpetuates the belief that VF, because of it’s theme, somehow is breeding grounds for nutjobs.

        1. The reason VF was brought up here is because we are a vampire website that discusses everything pertaining to vampires, that includes crimes that happen on sites like VAMPIRE Freaks. Why would we discuss facebook or myspace crimes? If they were maybe, then we sure would, but they aren’t.

          I’d also like to point out that there are countless vampire forums and websites online, some more popular than VF, yet none of them have had half the drama VF has. Probably because most of those sites take the necessary precautions and do everything they can to keep their members safe.

          Kate did nothing wrong, she simply wrote about a story that was related to a vampire website.

          1. …For a site that is called Vampire Freaks….has little to do with vampires. Just a name. I assure you.

  7. Yeah, chill out, Tony. Biased or not, it was a good warning to give all of us. I’m certainly not going on that website anytime soon, and NOT because I’m afraid of gothic subculture or any of that bull. Its because it HAS had a lot of drama and I for one wouldn’t want to go on it, especially when they don’t even mention that poor girl. VERY disrespectful of them.

    1. Thanks for the backup, you two. I didn’t realize that laughing at other people who fell for jokes about sex-related crimes and heroine was intelligent. But that’s just me. Frankly, I’m sick of the whole thing and think that the focus is definitely being taken off of Kimberly Proctor. And Kimberly was actually the point of the whole post. And therefore, my “closer” (why the hell are we arguing about that anyway) was perfectly appropriate and on topic. People who like that site can be pissed if they want. I personally though, am done with this topic.

    2. There is no drama. The drama is from people who want to rag on it. The site has done nothing wrong. People who are on the sites come in different forms. There are good people, trolls, bullies and so on. If something is not up to par or someone is being harassed there are many measures that are taken to make sure that person would not do it again or be back on the site.

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  9. Um so your saying it could possibly be vampire freaks fault because it has the word vampire in it? Just cause SOME people on the website like vampires doesn’t mean anything. W
    How do you know they haven’t mentioned the girl when you haven’t been on it? Have you talked to any of the people on the website? No, because if you did you would’ve realized that most of the people are on the site are wonderful people. On vampire freaks you can talk about any thing and everything, saying it, “could”, be linked because it has vampire in the name is ridiculous. People always want to blame the more different, the things they don’t understand. In the columbine case they also tried to blame Marilyn Manson and Eminem. Id let the police stay with it and not post things to belittle a fantastic website with fantastic people.

    “But this online community has something that no other vampire websites are known for-Murder”. Then at the bottom you said you were associating the site with murder. Hmmmmm.

    1. Fantastic people? Wonderful people? You’re deluded, child. I spent considerable time on VF in the past. I know it very, very well. It’s literally swarming with hateful trolls and intolerant bullies, and many of them are STAFF. I left the site because it was a horrid place overrun with jerks. Jet should have called it, or Either name would have suited that site much better.

      1. ” Child “, There are trolls, bullies EVERYWHERE. Have you heard of /b/? Even more popular site like FB, Myspace, Twitter, and I can go on. You are the one who is deluded.

    1. And where do you get your facts? How would you know what Jet thinks? None of this is posted on the site due to the website NOT being involved. There are people who are murdered or murder using any other form of social media. The site has nothing to do with the actions of individuals. They do not control what people do outside of the site. There are rules and guide lines. EVEN warnings.

  10. I’ve know about 10 people who’ve been cyber bullied and harassed on there, and there are no safety features available due to the owners ignorance.

    I’d say stay faaarrrr away, the place is crap.

    1. Then they should have reported it. People get bullied everywhere. Sometimes one has to make the effort to stand up for themselves. It’s a site. Not a place. Websites are chosen to go on. If you do not like it (or the 10 people you know who got bullied) Don’t go on. It’s fine.

  11. I hope you read this Kate and I hope you lost your job over this article. The website wasn’t being disrespectful by not making some post about Kimberly somewhere on the website because she wasn’t murderes by another website member…. Her killers weren’t caught.
    Should Facebook magically be able to know each member on the website and write a post if they’re killed? There are millions of Fb users (more than so by your idiotic logic Facebook is an extremely dangerous website because more of their users get murdered for reasons unrelated to Facebook – like VF members who kill or are killed in unrelated matters.
    Go back to school asshole, you have a lot to learn.

  12. VF more than deserves the bad rep it gets. From the rampant cyber bullying to the chat rooms filled with PC gamer elite kids who group troll users at their own expense, to the admins of the site that purposely ignore support tickets opened up, its no wonder why these crimes continue to be committed. The users of the site will always make comparisons to Facebook crimes when asked about this or just plain and simply berate you and call you names. “This happened on Facebook, so why can’t it happen around here?” Essentially, this group of intellectually intense, elite, stay at home people, would rather let a few more lives be sacrificed so they can keep their rating points and their alternative social network. When it comes to gothic music, Vampirefreaks completely turns a blind eye to post punk groups such as Joy Division, Bauhaus, Christian Death, Echo and the bunnymen, The Cure, Siouxsie and the banshees, etc. and instead, promotes CYBER/AGGROTECH/EBM groups. Anything that sounds like your microwave and attracts fur boots and synthetic dreads. Vampirefreaks’ owner, Jet is only in this for the money and the marketing and cares not a darn bit about the actual gothic scene. The fact that people continue to label this site as a goth site sickens me. Go put on a Sisters of Mercy record and than we’ll talk…

    1. You went on about the “bad rep” because in your opinion you feel that they are not “goth” due to lack of music YOU like? Um. That seems like a personal issue.

  13. Why V.F is such an easy target for people to “dump” their opinions is because VF is a goth group. Full of people who were bullied, and pushed around. People who chose to go far beyond the norm and show the world the do not give a f*ck about what is said. The site is filled with some amazing people who work hard and enjoy things that differ from many people. The outcasts, the loners and just those who wanted to push past what society had laid out for them. I am a member of that site. Of all the people that I know of there I have met at the events and they are all amazing people. Jet he is a truly kind soul who works hard to bring a group of people together where we all have similar views and tastes.

    Vampire Freaks is being ridiculed, blamed and shut down for the tragic deaths and horrific murders that were mentioned. VF is a social media site with rules and guidelines. There are those who follow and those who don’t. Those who don’t are warned and or banned. What happens OUTSIDE of the site has nothing to do with VF. There are murders, deaths, victims and perpetrators who use social media of different kinds. You do not see those sites being held accountable. It…is…JUST A SITE.

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