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Buffy vs. THE STRAIN

I recently had a good-natured argument with a fanboy (actually fangirl) friend of mine over whether or not Buffy, if one could magically snatch her out of the universe in which her television series was set and plop her down in the midst of the New York City where THE STRAIN takes place, would be able to hold her own. I really dug BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER up until the last couple of seasons, but my friend LOVES Buffy. She was given to blanket hyperbole on the subject, stating that Buffy would cleanse the entire state of the Strigoi in a week or less. I was a little more reserved—and a lot more realistic—in my assessment.

Against your average Joe Strigoi, Buffy would account for herself quite well. She’d even do fine against an entire horde of them. They’re not much in the way of fighters, after all, and they’re kinda stupid. But howzabout if you put her up against The Master, in his original form of the giant Strigoi, or Eichorst? I’d still give the edge to Buffy, but she’d have to work for it. It’d be a good scrap. The only character from THE STRAIN that Buffy couldn’t take in a one-on-one fight, I opine, is Quinlan, and not just because he’s my favorite on the show. He’s too strong, too fast, and too smart for her. Plus he has a couple thousand years’ worth of fighting experience. Sorry, Buffy, but against Quinlan, you’re going down. Lucky for you he’s one of the good guys.

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TheCheezman • May 19, 2017

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  • David

    Buffy, if you were to snatch her character up and drop her into the world of The Strain, would not only do just fine against those types of vampires, but better!! Of course, she’d have to acquire and adjust to different weapons if she were to take on Strain vamps (no wooden stakes for in here, Summers). You know, she always said that she “wasn’t good with guns”, but she could just replace that with crossbows that fire silver arrows and other silver weapons including specifically those that sever the head from the body. I think Blade would do better in the world of The Strain. Of course, I’m just saying that cause the daywalker can get creative when making weapons for killing vampires, not cause Guillermo del Toro directed Blade II. In all honesty, I stopped watching The Strain at the end of season three. i don’t like the d–less alien/zombie freaks that they choose to call “vampires” in that show. But, yes, Buffy Anne Summers would do some serious damage in that world.