Can Stefan Help Caroline Regain Her Humanity?

“…Caroline … despite Elena’s protests, shut off her humanity for the time being.”

Caroline, without her humanity, is totally a new experience for me; she’s always been very together, organized, and –honestly, very flip. Caroline, even when she was alive, was able to distance herself from emotional ordeals with a certain amount of apathy. Not that it made her a bitch, –though a lot of people didn’t like her or thought she was shallow when the show was in its early seasons. 

I never thought of Caroline as shallow, because I can understand where she’s coming from, –I am a divorcee, so I understand rejection despite lots of effort. The thing is, I can’t turn off my emotions, and I’m not as good at projecting my negativity into productive projects, so I always envied that. But without her emotions, will she be a psycho like Stefan, or will she just be a less vulnerable version of her normal self?

By annimi

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