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Can’t Keep a Good Monster Down

Seems like I just saw JEEPERS CREEPERS 3 in the theater. Oh, wait; I DID. Check out my review here. This past week brought news that there would be more Creeper coming our way, and much sooner than expected. JEEPERS CREEPERS 3 will air on Syfy on Saturday October 28th. Huzzah! I’m already setting my DVR! I was gonna buy the movie on DVD when it became available–and now I won’t have to!

I also put into action my Creeper love by contacting Funko and encouraging them to make a Funko Pop! figure of the Creeper. The action figures of the Creeper available on eBay are ridiculously expensive. Most frustrating to me, I remember seeing one on the shelves at my local Suncoast. (Remember Suncoast?) I was a little short that week. I promised to return the next week and buy it, but when I went back they’d sold out. Now that same $25 figure is going for 500 bucks in the box. SM-damn-H.

I do understand those who have chosen to boycott this movie, not because of its quality but because of the crimes of its director. I get it. But even Victor Salva’s victim has said that he doesn’t want to make the movie disappear and isn’t asking for that kind of support, so I figure if he’s okay with it–the movie, not the victimization–then it’s okay for me to be okay with it. Okay?

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TheCheezman • October 15, 2017

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