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CARMILLA Rises Again

Carmilla, the seductive, saucy lesbian vampire from J. Sheridan Le Fanu’s novella of the same name, has appeared in numerous adaptations of the latter, treated therein with greater and lesser degrees of reverence. Her story inspired one of the greatest vampire flicks ever made, 1932’s mesmerizing almost-silent film VAMPYR (which was admittedly a loose translation of the book), as well as some of, um, questionable quality. Far too often the story is used as a foundation for softcore porn due to the character’s overt lesbianism (even in a stodgy Victorian novel, the overtones are unmissable). The story itself served as a partial inspiration to Bram Stoker when he came around to the writing of his masterpiece DRACULA. In the short story DRACULA’S GUEST, which was originally meant to be the first chapter in the novel, Dracula meets Carmilla herself, albeit under a different name (hers, not his, and he is in wolf form at the time).

(I should mention that David MacDowell Blue, who has written articles for this site, penned his own stage adaptation of CARMILLA, which was performed in 2016 by The Reedy Point Players of Delaware City, Delaware.)

There is to be yet another film adaptation of CARMILLA. It is a British production starring Devrim Lingnau as Carmilla, and is the debut effort of writer/director Emily Harris. The above image is from the film. Let’s hope it’s good.

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TheCheezman • June 5, 2018

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