Caroline from the Vampire Diaries was a Wannabe Hannah Montana!

Can you believe it? Well, maybe in the first season, when Caroline Forbes was synonymous with everything girly, and hyper-feminine and fashionable. But now she’s become something of a bad girl, aside from her keen fashion sense, and penchant for romantic foibles. So all right then, maybe it isn’t such a stretch to believe the actress behind the Vampire Barbie, did at one point want to be the Miley Cyrus type. But personally, I’m glad she landed the role of Caroline Forbes. Candice Accola at one point even sang back-up for Miley Cyrus, who -barf- doesn’t even like vampires. Personally, I think it’s because Cyrus realizes that now, vampires are more popular than she is, and Twilight is far more attractive to the eye than Hannah Montana could ever hope to be.

The Examiner ‘examines’ the actress’s prior motivation for moving to Hollywood and trying to become the next singing sensation:

When Candice Accola first came to Hollywood, her dream was not to be a star on a show such as “The Vampire Diaries.” Rather, her original goal for being in Los Angeles was to become some sort of major recording artist.

Speaking on MTV‘s “When I Was 17” Saturday, the actress opened up a bit about how she originally wanted to become a vocalist after originally arriving in Los Angeles:

“When I was 17 I moved to L.A. and I had a purpose. I wanted a record deal. It was very overwhelming at the beginning … You feel like such a little guppy in this giant ocean. And I just never felt like anyone ever remembered me. I’d meet people constantly and try to make an impression.”

Accola tried a number of things before landing her role as Caroline — including dying her hair bright red and at one point working as a backup singer for Miley Cyrus.

What do you make of Candice’s dream?

Well, I think she’s smashing as is, and I’ve never heard her sing, and I certainly can’t imagine Candice Accola with clown-red hair. So I’m going to say I think it’s better that she’s an actress, and I hope that if she should ever lose her slot as supporting actress on Vampire Diaries, then hopefully, she’ll land another role just as quickly. In fact, she should use her down time in-between filming to get out there and audition for some new roles, get out there in the paranormal romance movie boom. If Nina Dobrev can get other movie roles, than the glamorous Candice Accola should have no problem acclimating to a more competitive career as a film actress. And hopefully, she’ll find more work as a vampire!

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