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-Cast Confirmations For New GHOSTBUSTERS

Recently I reported on the possibility of Bill Murray appearing in the new GHOSTBUSTERS sequel, set for next year. Murray stated that he was interested, but that he had not been asked. Apparently since then someone did get around to asking him, as it is now reported that he will be involved in the project. We still don’t know for certain if he will be reprising his role of Dr. Peter Venkman from the first two GHOSTBUSTERS films, but the chances are good, considering that both Dan Akroyd and now Sigourney Weaver are confirmed to be returning as well. No word yet on Ernie Hudson or Rick Moranis, but we remain hopeful. Moranis has said in the past that he would be interested, so hopefully they can make this happen.

I had no problem with the all-female would-be reboot the studio tried, but I didn’t watch it. That wasn’t the GHOSTBUSTERS I wanted, or the one the fans wanted. (We know it wasn’t what the fans wanted because the movie tanked.) And to be fair, we didn’t want the proposed reboot starring Ben Stiller that was being talked about a few years back, either. We want a continuation of the original story with the original cast. We won’t accept any inferior substitutes.

TheCheezman • June 16, 2019

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