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Castle Slains And Castle Slains: Only One Of Them Might Have Been Castle Dracula

Slains Castle in Scotland MIGHT have inspired Bram Stoker to create Castle Dracula. We know he visited the area during the period when he was working on his famous novel DRACULA. The castle sure looks the part. I kinda like that there are several Castle Draculas. Three in the historical homeland of both the historical Dracula and the fictitious vampire Dracula–these would be Castle Bran, Castle Poenari, and Castle Corvin (aka Hunedoara Castle, aka Castle Hunyadi)–and Slains Castle in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. The latter has been granted listed status on the Historic Environment Scotland (HES) list. This is great news as this site should be properly cared for and preserved.

Incidentally, the Slains Castle we are speaking of is officially NEW Slains Castle, not to be confused with OLD Slains Castle, which was destroyed by cannon fire in 1594 after its proprietor, Francis Hay, the Earl of Erroll, conspired with the Spanish in a plot against Queen Elizabeth. King James VI–who became James I when England and Scotland were unified in 1603, who is most famous today for his translation of the Holy Bible–laid some smack down on Hay, and thus Old Slains was left in ruins. When Hay retuned from exile in 1597, he built New Slains.

Who says an entertainment site can’t be educational?

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TheCheezman • April 23, 2018

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