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There’s not quite enough material on either of these two subjects to warrant a full article this week, so I’m just gonna combine them, if that’s alright with you all. First, there’s a trailer for the new CASTLEVANIA series set to debut on Netflix in July. The show has already been approved for a second season, so a fan need have no fear of starting watching it, really, getting into it, then having it prematurely cancelled, leaving them hanging, the way it so often happens on network television (or if you’re following a John Logan series). It looks cool, I must say. I love that they’re honoring the series origin as a Nintendo game.

Meanwhile, there’s this trailer for the upcoming season of THE STRAIN, also set to debut in July (on FX). It’s no longer a case of the heroes fighting to save the world from the Strigoi. Now it’s the heroes struggling to survive as they are hunted, and maybe trying to retake the world—what’s left of it—from the vampires. I’m stoked about this one, but saddened that this fourth season will be the series’ last. The odds of all my favorite characters making it out of this one alive aren’t so great, I think. (But they’d better not kill off Quinlan!)

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TheCheezman • June 8, 2017

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