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Catching up on THE STRAIN

As I stated in another article I submitted this week, a succinct and enlightening review of the TWIN PEAKS season three (and possibly series) finale over at our sister site,, I spent all last week traveling. As a result, I’m a little behind. I didn’t get to watch the past two weeks’ worth of episodes of THE STRAIN until last night. Things are sure happening fast, now that we’re so close to the series finale. (Unlike with TWIN PEAKS, where you never really know ANYthing, and unlike with PENNY DREADFUL, when series creator John Logan sucker-punched his audience by pulling the rug out from under us without warning, we KNOW that this coming Sunday’s episode of THE STRAIN will be the last one.) I’d prefer it if there were a couple’a more weeks, at least. I feel like it’s gotten away from me.

In a way, the series already ended, with the death of Setrakian. Of course he would go out fighting the good fight, and vanquishing Eichorst in the process. And while the nuke seems like a stereotypical Maguffin, I expect it will end up playing some part in the show’s resolution, after all. Setrakian said that, as he had gleaned from the Lumen, ultimate victory would require an act of ultimate sacrifice. I predict Eph will sacrifice himself, and possibly–hopefully–Zack in the process. That little bastard HAS to die!

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TheCheezman • September 13, 2017

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