Charlaine Harris’s Vampire Game: Dying for Daylight

If you love True Blood, Sookie Stackhouse, and the universe created by Charlaine Harris, in which vampires are in politics, werewolves are just as American as we are, and fairies walk around getting ear shortening surgeries… then you’ll love the game ‘Dying for Daylight’ created in collaboration with Charlaine Harris. The lovely people behind the production and release of the game have let slip a few stills from the game, for its characters’ profiles. Can I get a unanimous “yay!”, all around? I mean, now all you have to do for your True Blood/Sookie Stackhouse series fix, is load up your PC, and then start up your game!

You know the times I’m talking about… when we’re between seasons, between books, and there’s nothing but the HBO websites and its constant clips of making-of videos. Which are great, but watching the few second-long videos they release, well, it’s like allowing a coke-addict to look at a picture of cocaine, but never actually giving them. DreadCentral has the synopsis released by I-play, the company releasing the game:

In Dying for Daylight Dahlia takes players on an epic journey across New Orleans, Memphis, and Charleston Harbor to find a legendary sun potion allowing vampires to survive in daylight. Discovering she is not the only one after this powerful tonic, Dahlia must match her wits against a rival sect of vampires who have scattered the ingredients among an avant-garde circus troupe. With each eclectic troupe member holding a piece of the potion, Dahlia must uncover their devious secrets and procure the mixture before it falls into the wrong hands. By collecting clues, solving puzzles, and gathering the needed ingredients, players will guide Dahlia in her mission to find the legendary potion before it’s too late.

“Taking a character into the world of games is great fun and allows us to tell stories and bring characters to life in a whole new way,” says Harris. “Just like Sookie, Dahlia is a unique and multi-faceted character. Working with I-play to present her in this new way has been an amazing experience, and I can’t wait to hear what fans think of the results.

I think I forgot to mention the most awesome tidbit of information about this game: you’ll be able to download it TOMORROW! That’s right, the game is due out February 11th, which is tomorrow! or I guess, today, if you live on the East Coast… Anyway, I can’t wait to download the new game, and play until I get carpal tunnekl! Mostly because I’ve finished all the books, and can only watch so many re-runs of True Blood, before I need some more stimuli. I don’t like the True Blood, the True Blood likes me!

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