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“Christian” Extremists Against Gaiman, Netflix, Basic Intelligence

Jesus warned His followers that they would experience persecution. He was speaking in general, nor was He saying this was something His followers ought to go out and purposefully pursue, or that they should go around looking for things to get offended over, then should claim persecution when people mock them for their being offended. Sadly the evangelical crowd doesn’t seem to understand this, as they do all those things on a regular basis. In addition to wasting time and effort that could be better spent elsewhere—addressing homelessness, hunger, etc.—they busy themselves with trying to get TV shows banned. Like how they started a petition demanding Netflix cancel GOOD OMENS. Never mind that the show is satire. And never mind that it airs on Amazon’s streaming service, not on Netflix.

Once again, so-called “Christian” extremists make the rest of us look bad. And stupid.

Neil Gaiman, creator of the book series that inspired GOOD OMENS and who wrote the TV series, posted on Twitter: “This is so beautiful… Promise me you won’t tell them?” I promise, Neil! Netflix for its part promised not to film any further episodes, while Amazon Prime promised Netflix that they would “cancel Stranger Things if you cancel Good Omens”. Priceless.

TheCheezman • June 30, 2019

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