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Christine on the Block, But Not Up On Blocks

Thinking about it, nothing marks my getting older quite so much as my change of my heart’s desire as to what kind of car I’d want to drive. I’ve only ever owned one “cool” car, an electric blue sportscar that I totaled 20 years ago in a wreck that I probably shouldn’t have survived; credit God and seatbelts for that one. Young, full of piss and vinegar and lotsa testosterone, I, like most young First World dudes, just wanted a flashy, fast car. Nowadays? As an older, more cultured, more comfortable-in-his-own-skin dude, my dream vehicle would be the Oscar-Meyer Wienermobile. Or at least it would have been, before last week. Now my dream car would be Christine. It’s not gonna happen, since I’d pay less for the Wienermobile, but Christine is my new number one.

The 1958 Plymouth Fury that went up for auction recently in Kissimmee, Florida isn’t the only Christine, as there were several cars used for the filming of the John Carpenter classic from 1983. Most of them, though, were wrecked for the movie, whereas this Christine was used for “beauty shots.” There may be others out there, then, but unless they’ve been majorly fixed-up, this one is the showpiece.

I’ll gladly take one of the dented ones off their hands.

TheCheezman • January 27, 2020

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