Christmas in September… Lookit, True Blood Video Prezzies!

I might be just -slightly- overreacting here, but …HOLY CRAP LOOKIT ALL THE AWESOME TRUE BLOOD PREVIEWS!!!!

Okay, it’s officially… well, somewhat out of my system. And there are definitely some great moments here too. The first one might just be my favorite.

Jason Stands Up for Sookie

That’s right, you undead douchebags! “Fuckin’ Sookie!” Psh, bitches, please. And I don’t know why he didn’t start on Jessica or Pam, too. Pam is -just- as indebted to Sookie, and so is Jessica, who, has benefited from Sookie’s standing up for her as well. And Jason is the best big brother ever, I wish I had one just like him! And it’s definitely my favorite video so far… but this one comes in a close second.

Marnie Just Puked

And I’m probably just crass, but it’s a close second to my first favorite because of the line “Marnie just puked a bitch out.” Omg, I totally giggled. Lafayette’s great. Anyway, seriously though, –apparently, Marnie kills one of the coven members in the next episode. Who is it? Anyone important? Hopefully it was that brown-noser that’s like, been following her everywhere. He deserves it most. Either way, Antonia doesn’t look like she’s a willing accomplice anymore.

Where’s Marcus?

This is really just a leftover from the last episode, honestly, –we already knew Sam was after Marcus, –I wasn’t that impressed with this preview. On the other hand, Alcide and Sam doing the whole teamwork thing is pretty cool. But wait till Alcide finds out where Marcus really is… then the shit is really going to hit the fan. For those of you who are slow on the uptake, Marcus is over at Alcide’s house, trying to get busy making werewolf puppies with Debbie. And last but not least….

Death is Coming

Wow. So, the season finale looks pretty damn gruesome. Lots of people dying… or just a few? The sign seemed to indicate lots, but they’ve skimped on the death and gore before. Oh well, we’re getting closer and closer people! Just a couple more weeks of True Blood left, –but don’t worry, there will be another season after this. Hopefully it won’t be another fricking year before we get to see it, but… they will most likely make us wait again.

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