Christopher Pike Novels to Become New Vampire Film Saga

Whether most of today’s teens have ever heard of Christopher Pike is definitely up for debate; and no, he isn’t the old captain from Star Trek; his real name is actually Kevin McFadden.  Think of R.L. Stine’s novels for older teens. Or if you’re really into teen horror and suspense, maybe you’ll remember Lois Duncan, yet another popular writer of 70’s and 80’s teen/young adult suspense and thriller novels, whose work was adapted into a major Hollywood film. I Know What You Did Last Summer was loosely based on her 1973 novel by the same name. Christopher Pike, unlike R.L. Stine and Lois Duncan, never had work adapted to film, much to the disappoint of millions of fans.

But that’s all about to change, mainly because of the huge vampire craze. Decades before there was Twilight, filled with sparkling, vegetarian vampires, there was Sita, the 5,000 year old vampire protagonist of Pike’s ‘The Last Vampire’ series. Sita is a vampire made in her teens, -of course. And after 5,000 years of being alive, and she believes she’s the last vampire on earth, her adventures only truly begin once her own creator begins hunting for her.

FilmNation Entertainment recently acquired the rights to the series of novels, seven total, and plans to adapt the story into a film, or series of films. FilmNation’s president of production, Aaron Ryder, states the company’s excitement and anticipation in “the opportunity to bring to life one of the best characters of young adult fiction.” The novels are being re-released in three anthologies, and the seventh novel was only recently added to the storyline. Christopher Pike’s re-released series can be found in volumes Thirst No. 1, Thirst No. 2, and there will presumably be a third that contains the seventh novel, which is to be released this year.

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  4. No freakin way! A seventh book? OMG, a freakin movie?? This would be awesome!Pike was an amazing writer for this series. It’s been my dream to see this book series on film.

  5. Wow! As much as I would love to see The Last Vampire go to the big screen, I have not idea how this will be pulled off and make for a PG-13 rating. Even though I did find myself enjoying the Twilight series on some level, The Last Vampire blows Twilight out of the water. It seems this story will be more difficult to pitch to the masses as there are no “sparkley vampires” here. Here are just some of the things TLV, now called the Thirst series, deals with:

    Religion – Hinduism plays a major role in this series as those who have read know that the main character Sita, refers to “Krishna’s grace” and calls him her Lord several times through the book. The book also delves heavily into Christianity, The Temple of Set, general Mysticism and Satanism. This here should tell you right off the bat that this series is far deeper than any ground Twilight touches.

    Sex – Though Pike never gets too detailed, there is plenty of times where Sita has sex or refers to having sex throughout the book.

    Bisexuality – Sita refers to herself as having a few female lovers in her lifetime as well as countless men.

    Violence – There is VERY descriptive violence in these books ie: Sita: “Leaping toward her, giving her almost no time to react, I thrust my left hand deep into her chest, smashing through her white gown and her pale ribs. Yet for a fraction of a second, she knows what I am going to do. She feels the absolute horror of the ritual execution. That is what Landulf wants, what he needs, to activate his black sorcery. The battery of the bastard is tied to perversity and pain. The girl’s heart is in my hand. I feel it’s life and still I yank it from her chest and leap towards the circle. Out of the corner of my eye I see her staring at me, and understand the betrayal she is feeling deep in my soul. Her eyes are as blue as mine. Even in death, they could be mine.”

    Action – So much action in this book. It will take a large budget to pull this off. Everything from hand combat to helicopters and nuclear plant explosions ect..

    Character development – Sita as well as others, are VERY developed characters. No blank slate Bella for audiences to insert themselves into. Sita is a complex character and throughout the book her character is very contemplative. I do not use this word lightly.

    Some other themes include: Diseases such as Aids and leprosy, time travel, reincarnation and pregnancy to name a few.

    It is truly surprising to me that so much of this went on in a teen novel. Pike was and still is way ahead of his time with his teen writing. Where as the Twilight saga is a good fun story, the Thirst series (aka The Last Vampire series) is moving and has high potential to get audiences (both young and older) to actively engage themselves in a story that will undoubtedly invite them to open their eyes and minds to some type of soul searching and self reflection.

    I can only hope that the movie maintains some of the essence of the books.

    1. ur so right. that’s gonna be a hell of a movie. i loved the character so much
      that id wanna live in her world. i think those stories have been the best in terms of the mere imagination that this was real. pike knows how to incorporate such a heavy and crazy story into a real and normal life scenario. what i mean to say that the story is good because its comtemporary and related to everyday lide.

  6. That would be awesome!!!
    Sita is totally a kick ass woman who kicks some ass!
    And the movie would be so kick ass, but yea they should make it like the books, I love Thirst Number 1 and 2!
    Sita is awesome. I wonder who would play that kick ass female role..

          1. its actually the fifth thrist book, but the 9th overall! it just came out on March 5th!

  7. These book are great i love every word of it ..I will be one of those people satnding in line waiting for the frist tickets i can get my hands on

    1. good call. avril would be an awesome choice.. i keep looking at sita on the cover and often wonder who it is she resembles.

      1. the first book for the Last Vampire back in the 90’s (the cover) reminded me of Rebecca De Mornare (Spelling, Who is and was older at the time) but was something about the hair and not really the girl I envisioned in the book.. It will be hard to get a young actress that can look but play her mature role

      2. me to. but avril??? really!! i mean…i dont know itd be crazy. i think it wouldnt work. need some1 with more potential

    2. I don’t know about that. Avril Lavigne is pretty kick-ass, but Sita is much deeper than that. There’s something about her voice (that normally I totally love) that would throw me off. She’s still kind of a kid, I guess. I want to see Milla Jovovich play Sita. (Ultraviolet, the Fifth Element) Although Ultraviolet was kinda cheesy, I loved Milla’s acting. And no one can deny that she’s pretty kick-ass herself.
      I know they’re probably going to include Thirst #3 and 4 in the movies, but I wish they wouldn’t. I don’t like the continuation of the series, so hopefully they at least break the movies up by volume so that none of the newer stuff gets mixed in with the older movies and I can just enjoy that (although I’m sure I’m still going to go see all of them).

  8. I just finished reading “The Eternal Dawn” and loved it. Sometimes I think he could write a cookbook and I’d still love it. It’s the writing that does it for me, not just the story. I love the twists and I cannot wait for the next one in this series.

    Also eagerly awaiting the re-releases of the Final Friends trilogy.

  9. welll in my opinion these are some of the best series i have EVER read. it is full of eveything,action,religion,love,lust,sex,death,family. and im not sure that ANY director can capture the essence of this book. if they couldnt even do the twilight series right(bella is a shitty actress and edward does NOT look like edward,and rose is not even close) they even messed up the timeline and took out good parts. so i KNOW they cant do thirst….it is too captivating and complex….a wonderful book series, one of the best, but it cant be captured on film the emotions,the intesnity, the exitement the feeling, no actress or director can come close. thats why it needs to stay a book. noone can put on film what your imagination can come up with. thats why the books are ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS better than the movie. i cant wait for thirst NO.4 comes out does anyone know

    1. omfg!! you can say that again!! but even tho i kno the movie goin be shitty. i say wat the hell. might as well make the movie. im so sick of rereading the book over and over, wanting to vision whats happening when i could just pop in the movie. even tho the book is awesomely over the top a-list awesome. i still would like to see the movie. dey better get a good director. damn straight id be pissed off otherwise.

  10. OMG!! There is a seventh? I though therewas only 3! Holly crap! I love thirst! I wish there was more sex though, lol!

  11. You want to know who should play Sita? Look this up:
    Elena Santarelli. Its like she’s walked out of the book!!

    Need more for Matt, Yaksha, Krishna, etc.

    1. DUDE she is a porn star………….. NO Sita cant be a pornstar she is sooo deep and not even close to a gross ass whore….. *facepalm*
      im dissapointed that you a “fan” would even suggest this.

  12. I’m crazy about vampire books and have been even before it became popular. I love Twilight so much and it was a wonderfull book. I keep posters and everything. But the Thirst series is better by far. It tells us everything we need to know about Sita and gives us what we want. I found my self reading the books non-stop and my mouth watering for the next one.
    Now that I’v herd about this possibly becomming a movie, if that dosnt actually happen, I might just explode.

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  14. I love love love thrist it is one of the best books I will ever read. I can’t image somebody, anybody making a movie out of it though. Its just to complex and it will change so much.

  15. weeh…i’ve been reading Thirst Series for about two months now and is currently finishing the third one. hope the movie is much better than the book! is the date already set? better mark my calendar!

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  17. this might sound weird but the book kinda changed my thinking . I got the first book from a friend and the about a year later found out there were 2 more and now im waiting for #7 to come out and almost dieing i really hope there is a movie it would be a thousand times better then twilight

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  21. Adoro soprattutto i primi tre libri della saga,anche per il legame tra vampirismo e folclore indù.Spero che Hollywood non combini un disastro.

  22. OMG! I LOVED thirst 1,2,3 and cant wait for 4!! and a movie would put a cherry on top of it all. i really love Sita and how she acts and that the movie would really be awsome and i would watch it the day it came out. and all i have to say is: move over twilight because here comes THIRST!!!!!

  23. Hmm… The movie will be intresting but it will suck… I will watch it… Most likely buy it too.. BUT the movie is still gonna suck. Within the first book alone some pf the most elaborate fighting scenes would happen. Noone can pull that off….. They would need litereally millions upon millions of dollars.

  24. i enjoyed the first book so much and wanted to buy the second one but i dont have money but it will be awsome for it to come out as a show or movie especially how they made sita and her personality once i began to read the first book and was half way but when i read that part i was like man why did the author wrote that but then understood the whole twist in the book

  25. Personally,with the way people make movies these days, I wouldn’t expect Thirst to be as good as the book. There is way too much detail to capture. Unless they make it a 4hr movie then I wouldn’t expect it to be very good. I still cant wait to see it. I am still going to enjoy the movie no matter what!!! I love Christopher Pike

  26. I would be very excited if these books became a movie. I no every word!!! I am a big fan of Pike. I think I should play the part of Sita/

  27. Whoever directs this movie should be a fan, someone who knows the story and knows what fellow fans would like.

  28. Someone who won’t change the movie so much that it hardly resembles the book at all. And actually get actors who look like the characters that Christopher Pike had described them to be.

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